but sousuke not seeing momo for two years and then bumping into him being much taller and with longer hair, maybe a little like rin’s, pulled back into a ponytail, broad throughout his shoulders but still thin, still wiry and all limbs. momo accidentally putting out a hand to stop a full body collision, pressing his palm into sousuke’s chest and pulling it back, blushing twice as hard when he recognizes who it is he’s touched, still so solid, even after so long

Parks and Rec Season 5
by Rachel, aged 23 

Leslie and Ben spotted each other at the Smithsonian, and then they smiled, and Ben wrapped his arms around Leslie’s waist and picked her up from the floor, and they kissed and hugged, and there were kittens, and rainbows, and April and Andy being cute and kind of gross, and a miniature horses nibbled on a waffle, and everything was wonderful. Then they kissed four hundred more times, and Ben moved back to Pawnee. 

The end.

how is it that some people /choose/ not to look at the arguments between korra and mako with objective clarity to understand them, but easily do so with mako and bolin’s arguments, korra’s one argument with asami, and basically all the other arguments that occurred between characters on the show??????

because honestly, looking back, the only argument i can think of that was truly pretty bad was the one in 2X05 in mako’s apartment—but it /showed/ us that there was an imbalance in their relationship, one that needed to be addressed and it /was/ addressed when they argued again at the end of 2X05 and later at the end of book 2 they both apologized to each other and admitted that they did and said some things that were wrong

but the rest…you know that people argue, right??? and there’s literally an in-narrative explanation for every other argument they had…and tbqh i don’t even think they fought that much???????????? they argued the most out of all the other characters in the show but that’s because the story FOCUSED ON THEM. ‘CAUSE. Y’KNOW. KORRA’S THE MAIN CHARACTER and mako was basically #2 on the list of korra’s most important relationships after tenzin…i just. i don’t. understand…

okay, get this: tumblr cherik au.  

erik is fairly well known in the sj community for his mutant rights blogging (albeit he gets a lot of anti-mutant anon hate).  then emma posts a video of him fucking with people as they walk out the automatic doors of the supermarket and his blog blows up.  he’s actually really annoyed by the whole thing because now he’s known as “that guy from the automatic doors video” rather than a serious mutant rights activist.  that is until he gets a message from professorx telling him what a “groovy mutation” he has; then he’s damn grateful for the video because, as it turns out, professorx (or, “please, call me charles”,) is a young, attractive genetics professor and an exceptional, though remarkably naive, debate partner.  cue online chess games, skype dates, all night texting sessions, charles tagging erik in those cutesy long distance friendship/relationship text posts (and erik rolling his eyes, but reblogging them all the same), anon messages about how “you and professorx are my otp lol!!”, and, finally, an emotional first meeting at the airport (emma posts that video too.  erik threatens to crush her phone).