carmilla shipping update: I still don’t know who I want to be endgame


avidra is a very very very good friend of mine. like on a scale of one to
a billion, she is way off the scale. she has a wonderful sense of humor,
incredible writing skills, and is an overall amazing human being. If you
aren’t following her then idk what to tell you other than follow her
ASAP. I don’t know how different my life would have been without her
honestly. I might not be half as happy as I am now if I hadn’t honestly.

Now, about her blog. She runs a blog for Po Ping from Kung Fu Panda,
and she does a phenomenal job at playing him, I swear she and po are
he same people from how well she writes him. Phantom is so fucking
dedicated to this panda it’s unbelievable. the amount of time she
spends working on him is so incredible it makes me wanna curl into a ball and die tbh. Basically this is just a big ramble about how perf she is and why you should follow her.

                                                   i. ii. iii. iv.