Eu nunca vou entender porque você é exatamente o que eu quero, eu sou exatamente o que você quer, mas as nossas exatidões não funcionam numa conta de mais.
—  Tati Bernardi

Chris Brown - Can’t Say No

Se você não ligar, nunca mais, eu vou ficar triste, igual fiquei semana passada porque outro não ligou, igual fiquei semana retrasada porque outro sumiu. Igual eu vivo ficando chateada e vive passando. Eu tenho prostituído demais a minha espera. E as coisas parecem perder a importância toda hora. O problema é que, para perder a importância toda hora, toda hora vivem ganhando importância, e eu estou ficando cansada.
—  Tati B.

Sometimes people tell me that he looks at me a lot, and that it seems that I’m one of his favorite students and so on.. And today a girl in my class told me “it’s looks like you and AK has a thing”
I was just like what hell yes I mean no

english can be a pretty useless language. Like, we’ve got fifty words for different levels of happy or sad. With joyful, depressed, deflated, elated, gleeful, sorrowful, and so on. 

But where are the words for mixed emotions? If I’m so nervous, I’m sick what is that? What if I’m relieved by a sad event? what about that sad anger you get when you see injustice? All the emotion categorization theories I’ve looked at make it seem so cut-and-dry, as though people are clean and binary things. Happy or sad. Angry or calm. 

I wonder if that’s something cultural, that the british priorities of stoicism of the upper class, and the personal uptight nature of looking and acting important limited it…