I’m quiet, but inside I’m screaming. I act like everything is okay when everything’s falling apart. I don’t say it, but I want you to ask me what’s wrong. Even if I don’t feel like talking, just hug me tight and hold me until I’m alright. Kiss my forehead and whisper goofy, pointless things into my ear; make it your personal mission to get me to laugh and smile. Every once in awhile I want to be you’re main focus, even if it’s just for a moment.

How stupid of me. I actually believed that I could let someone into my life, that they would always love me no matter what. I actually believed that I could trust someone for once. Then life smacks me in the fucking face, says “Fuck you” and then I realize I’m a fucking idiot. 

I love the rain. Most people hate it - to them it’s dark and gloomy. I find it relaxing, and in a strange way, romantic. Just standing out in the rain with that one person, kissing… Gah, that would be so great right now.