fuck-sewingmachines asked:

I agreee. I can understand that Taylor doesn't neeedd a boyfriend when she's single, but when loves someone, she's probably head over heels in love. But when she's single, she's 100% single. Assuming - by what her Myspace used to say - she doesn't look for a boyfriend.

Yeah. She’s really open about herself being single and so as when she’s in a relationship, and honestly, Taylor is old enough to date anyone she likes. She’s an independent girl (well, woman.) And she deserves what she has right now. She doesn’t look for a boyfriend but when the time comes (like right now), a guy would come to her and be her boyfriend. 

Taylor being in love is one of the greatest things a Swiftie would see. So let’s just chill out about Taylor’s private relationship and WAIT FOR THE 4TH ALBUM! :) <13