Hi guys, so I wanted to congratulate taylorswift on her awards last night and express my utter WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT-ness -esque reaction to the Ghosttown performance between you tay, and madonna. HOW AWESOME WAS IT? THE ANSWER IS EXTREMELY. EXTREMELY AWESOME. so chill but it OOOZED COOLNESS and MUSICALNESS AND IT WAS BEAUTIFULLY AMAZING.

I love you taylor, and i wanted to mention AGAIN how excited I am for the 1989 world tour, and how i am not supposed to know i am going to one of the dates but because i ruin surprises for myself i am aware of this and thus ruined that surprise *sighs loudly* 

I wanted to say a huge ILOVEYOU to everyone on here, and I wanted to restate how amazing it is that now more than ever I have felt that the dream I occasionally have where I meet you, Taylor, can come true…instead of ending with me waking up with fake memories haha! (it’s true though. *sighs loudly again*)

I have this dream…and so many other people do as well…to meet you, yes, and talk with you…what about, you ask? NONSENSE. PURE NONSENSE. I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE WHAT WE’D TALK ABOUT. That’s the beauty of feeling so close with you, Taylor, it’s mutual…like you said last night. We love you so much. And I can’t wait to meet you someday.

all my love,


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Taylor is me.

We are one