I AM PROUD TO PRESENT TO YOU: 1989 TOUR COSTUME #2! I am the Haters Gonna Hate Light Up Rainbow Unicorn!!! I created this costume first off because I am in love with unicorns, and second because I adored this shirt taylorswift performed in at the Billboard Music awards 2 years ago!! And also Of course because these are the lyrics in SHAKE IT OFF!!! ✨

Dear Taylor, I hope this light up rainbow display of love for you catches your eye in the crowd and I can hopefully get to meet you!! I will be at the June 13th Philly show B stage Pit, July 10th MetLife NJ F3 row 5 seat 10 and also July 11th section 124 row 15 !! Not sure which costume I will be wearing yet each day either this or the Starbucks lovers one, but please look out for me! I love you so much!! I hope you follow me soon so I have a chance of meeting you!! Thank you I love you!!!





classmate: omg i hate taylor swift so much! she’s totally a whore, please someone tells her that harry is MINE? like, what’s her damn problem?


classmate: she has so much awards just bc she sings country! if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have any!


“The problem isn’t how many people Taylor Swift has dated, the problem is that she writes songs about them all and that’s stupid.”

Oh please, if you were talented enough to make that much money from writing songs about people who screwed you over, you’d write an entire album about the girl who broke your heart in kindergarten by getting finger paint on your favourite shirt, now hush

You don’t like who i am watch me be who i am more…. TS ! Oh well if some people don’t. Just like Tay says opinions only matter coming from the people you care about, and that know and love you . So instead of being sad heres a idc selfie. to the haters out there !! OHWELL. you don’t like me? Im just still going to continue being more lisa… Lol

taylorswift this video is nothing funny or special. Its just me lip syncing to mean. Instead of letting the haters get to me. Because theres been alot of mean anon’s lately. Thank you Taylor for always having perfect songs for our lives. And to make me not care about embarrassing myself online . I love you , and even if im a big dork, its better than letting the haters get to you right? Xoox lisa akascooby samantha-swift audiogasmic