He saved me

Finally all exams are over for the year, and that can only mean one thing… Time to celebrate. A few of us are at the local club and I decided to walk outside for some fresh air. Those places really are sticky and stuffy.
“Hey sweetie, you shouldn’t be out here alone” I turn to see some old man double my age, and just utterly wasted. I turn away to ignore him. But he won’t leave “don’t ignore me” “come on cutie, I just want to show you a good time” and that’s when he grabs my arm. I pull back but he’s too strong, “just leave me alone, I’m not interested” I tell him, this isn’t good. Why didn’t I stay inside. “She said leave her alone” I turn to follow the Australian accent, the guy lets go and I’m pushed behind the tallest guy I’ve ever seen, and all I can see is his blonde hair from behind. “And who are you? She’s mine” the old guy slurs at him. That’s when blondie walks nearer to him and whispers something I can’t hear. But whatever it was it worked. He walked away, and I feel relived, I cannot believe what happened “Are you okay?” I’m brought back to reality with these blue eyes staring intently at me, he’s checking my arm for any marks left. “I-im okay” I manage to get out, I feel shaken. “Listen it’s okay now, he was just drunk. I’m glad I found you out here”, I look up “thankyou so much, you saved me” I hug him, I’ve never owed someone this much. He chuckles at my sudden outburst “that’s alright Lucy” I step back “how do you know my name?” I question. “E–Erm,” he scratches the back of his scruffy hair “that’s why I came out here, I saw you in the bar earlier and I thought you looked, you know. And I, I just came to see if you were okay or talk to you or something. I don’t know. But I heard your friend shout your name earlier and now I feel like a right stalker” “hey chatterbox, calm down. We were stood at the bar together, you were bound to hear my name” I smile, remembering how attractive we all thought he was. “You noticed me?” He questions “who wouldn’t, blonde hair and blue eyes, quite a catch” I wink and laugh, “I’m Luke, listen lets go back inside, or somewhere else or anything”… And that’s where it all began

nothing but mashups pt. II
some songs are better together

1. all too well + amnesia - taylor swift & 5 seconds of summer // 2. umbrella + worth it - rihanna & fifth harmony // 3. human + you and i - christina perri & one direction // 4. we are never ever getting back together + bad blood - taylor swift // 5. boyfriend + problem - justin bieber & ariana grande // 6. i know i’m not the only one + thinking out loud - sam smith & ed sheeran // 7. wrecking ball + wake me up + cup song - miley cyrus & avicii & anna kendrick // 8. wicked games + stockholm syndrome - the weeknd & one direction // 9. disconnected + pressure - 5 seconds of summer & the 1975 // 10. party in the usa + them girls be like - miley cyrus & fifth harmony // 11. say something + give me love - a great big world & ed sheeran // 12. rude boy + yonce - rihanna & beyonce // 13. love me like you do + see you again - ellie goulding & wiz khalifa // 14. the way + steal my girl - ariana grande + one direction // 15. bo$$ + wings - fifth harmony & little mix


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Hi, do you think Brian was totally oblivious or do you think he might have had some inkling about Justin and the whole Kip thing? Thanks.

I’d say Brian was pretty damn oblivious, bless his heart. Justin really gave no indication he went after Kip. Brian didn’t even realize that Justin knew what Kip looked like. Sure, Justin did tell Brian he’d do anything to help him, but that’s just such a common figure of speech that I highly doubt Brian would ever take that to mean that Justin would blackmail Kip into dropping the charges. This is still fairly early in their relationship, after all, and Brian’s still getting used to having somebody like Justin in his life who believes in him so strongly and always fights for him. Maybe if this happened in S3 or later I could see Brian suspecting Justin had a hand in it, but I doubt it would occur to him at this point that Justin would go to such lengths to save his ass. I think he just buys Mel’s statement, that somehow he’s Mr. Teflon, nothing sticks to him, and he managed to get off by sheer dumb luck. I mean, just look at his stunned shrug when he hears Kip dropped the charges. That’s a man who has no clue what the fuck just happened or how his life was spared when the figurative noose was already around his neck. 

Of course, I do have my personal tiny head canon that Brian does eventually find out about Justin’s role in the whole affair (most likely through Daphne, because I doubt Justin would ever tell him – he did it purely for Brian and genuinely doesn’t care if he gets any kind of recognition for it) and rewards him quite well for saving his ass even all the way back then. <333

Reblog or Like if your parent has ever..

- Told you can’t wear something that you liked because it was too.. Different.
- Made fun of something you’re insecure about.
- Make it seem like you’re nothing compared too that one sibling.
-Praise that one sibling while you work your ass off.
-Make you feel worthless.
- Tell you it’s wrong to be Gay/bi/ Lesbian.
-Tell your family members everything you do wrong.
- Laugh at you when you get mad/ upset over something that they had said.
- Make fun of your FAVORITE BAND.
-Making it seem wearing too much black is bad.


- That it’s not okay to be an Atheist.

- Has hit you.

-Has not believe you if someone had touched you in a not okay way.

-Had made you do something you didn’t want too.

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PART 1 - Hi Emy, I finally finished 2x20 for the first time (I blame my brother) and my heart is broken into a million little pieces :( I just wanted to point out two scenes that really made me emotional. Scene 1 - Brian: See you tonight, Justin: uhhh, sure. BRIAN’S FACE says it all and all I see is a man who is afraid of losing Justin. Scene 2 - Justin starts taking his clothes off and Brian is just looking at him. While undressing Justin pauses for a moment before getting into bed [cont]

PART 2 - as if he’s asking for Brian’s permission. They don’t exchange a single word in the whole scene and they just cuddle. Brian is looking at Justin and Justin is looking into the distance at nothing. Ughh this scene is so painfully beautiful. Do you think they both knew it was over?

Ughhhh Nonny, why, WHY must you bring up those two scenes? Those are the two scenes most guaranteed to make me emit noises like a wounded animal and clutch a pillow so hard all the stuffing bursts out. Absolutely agonizing. But okay, fine. Let’s talk about them a bit more because who doesn’t love to rip their hearts out before they’ve even had their morning coffee?

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