When you are reading smut on School
  • Friend:*comes behind you*"what are you reading"
  • Me:"a book"
  • Friend:"what book?"
  • Me:"something on the iBooks"
  • Friend:"what it tells a bouth?"
  • Me:"something interesting"
  • Friend"can I read?"
  • Me:(in side head)hell nah I don't wan't you to see what kind of "books" I reading I'm and I'm here imaginin having sex with my celebrity crush and I was just a bouth to reading how long his dick Is and you are here to interruping me? That just rude IT'S.JUST. RUDE.
  • Me:"maybe some other day"☺️

I wish people wouldn’t be that influenced by society. 

i wish they would understand what meaningful lyrics can be. for example; i think “clean” by taylor swift is a masterpiece, and while people listen to singers saying the same line for 4 minutes again and again, they lough at me for liking the song “because it’s taylor swift”.
i am tired of people hating on people because of their names. they call justin bieber gay while they’ve never even heard a song of him. when i told a man at work that i like justins music, he went “you like that fag?”. when i asked him what song he knew he said “none. i don’t have to, it’s justin bieber.” socitety shows us nothing but the bad in people. justin has helped many people, saved millions of lives, build schools with his own hands so kids could get educated. media showed us how he got arrested.
i am sick of people hating on artists because they started on disney channel or nickelodeon or just at a young age. i have friends that have never heard a song by ariana grande, taylor swift, demi lovato. all of them are crazy talented, but often they don’t get the chance to show it. they might be big in america, but their songs barely get played at the radio here in europe. because they started at a young age or at a show for younger people. when i bought 5sos’ album, i send a picture of the album cover to my friend because i was so happy. she said she didn’t like them. when i asked for the reason, whe said “because they’re young.”  she says she hates them everytime i talk about them and she’s never heard one single song. young people can be artists. michael jackson started very young, look how far he had gone.  we need young artists. actually they are the future of music. if whe wouldn’t have young artists, music couldn’t develop further. everything must start from something.
i’m tired of society judging people by their looks. my friends don’t like ed sheeran because “he has ginger hair”. they don’t like paramore because of the"weird haired singer“. the friend whom i showed the 5sos album cover also said "they wear skinny jeans. that’s a girls thing.” it might be “a girls thing” in our small village, but it might not be “a girls thing” at all 149,4 Million km² land surface.
i am sick of people judging artists by the age and gender of their fans. an artist is allowed to have many female fans without getting hate for it. an artist is allowed to have fans younger than 18. guys are allowed to like a band made of boys. a band can be made of males without getting labeled as a “boyband”. and being in a boyband or in a band with males shouldn’t be neccesarily associated with being homosexual.
and i am sick and tired of people judging people because of what music they like. i could listen to heavy metal and not be voilent, you don’t have to avoid me. i can listen to ballads and still beat your stupid ass because you wanted to tell me i was fragile. and i can listen to both metal and ballads if i feel like it.

music is not about the way an artist looks or the age and image of an artist. it’s not about what media shows us. music is about music. music is about talent.

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Justin in a turtleneck is the sexiest thing ever!!! He has the most perfect bone structure and let's not forget his handsome profile... he's just so beautiful and gorgeous <3

What, you mean this handsome devil?

With this beautiful profile?

And this killer bone structure?

Hmmm, yeah. I guess I can see it. 

If you can help Tater, please contact Laura Love at pittieinpinkrescue@gmail.com in Nashville, TN. “…Last fall “Tater” experienced a tragedy no human or animal should ever have to witness. He watched his beloved owner commit suicide while in the car with him.After Tater was found he was dumped in an apartment and left alone for three days with no food or care and no one to comfort him in his grief.He was picked up by the county animal control and was going to be euthanized because none of his owner’s family members would take him in.A local Nashville, Tennessee rescue “Pittie in Pink Rescue” heard of his story and were the only ones compassionate enough to step and help this poor dog.Tater was accepted into a foster home but his foster had to give him up so he has spent the last month in boarding. He cannot stay in boarding as they have prior reservations and there is no room for him.

As of right now Tater has one week to find placement. Don’t let this be the end of the road for him.

If you can help Tater, please contact Laura Love at pittieinpinkrescue@gmail.com in Nashville, TN.

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Snowbarry Playlist–

1.The Words, Christina Perri

2. Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles

3. Lovebug, Jonas Brothers

4. Begin Again, Taylor Swift

5. I Would, Justin Bieber

6. I Won’t Give Up, Jason Mraz

7. Tear in My Heart, twenty-one pilots

8. Truly, Madly, Deeply. One Direction

9. I’m Gonna Be, the Proclaimers

10. I Believe, Christina Perri

11. Thinkin’ Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

12. LOVE, Nat King Cole

13. Last First Kiss, One Direction

14. Secrets, One Republic

15. Close as Strangers, 5 seconds of summer