TRICKSTER’S QUEEN FANCAST: with Yara Shahidi as Queen Dovasary Balitang, Jennifer Lawrence as Aly, Gary Carr as Nawat, Janelle Monae as the Jaguar Goddess, Michael Obiora as Kyprioth, Lupita Nyong’o as Jimarn, Aisha Hinds as Chenaol, and Jai Courtney as Taybur Sibigat.

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this fic


30 Days of Tamora Pierce--Day 19: A minor character you wish got more time to shine

How about all of them? I would really say those in the Trickster’s series. They all seemed to be very deep, but we never really got a chance to see how so. I would love to see into all of them before and after they met Aly.

And Taybur. OH MY LORD TAYBUR. That man. He is amazing and witty and adjgfdjk. I want to know more of him and see him again and again.