In the box sat a fox, the snow that fell on it’s coat did not melt like it was supposed to. The fox had a blank stare as it looked towards the house, eyes glassed over. This beautiful little creature had sadly met it’s end on the road. But that was not the end of this journey for the fox. 

This red creature had been picked up by a teen, smuggled in a garbage bag and left in the box in front of one of the witches houses. These witches were old ladies, who bartered with the kids brave enough to face the large old homes and the odd old inhabitants. But when they brought them bones and dead things they got cookies and they got the learn. 

The old lady peered out her window and saw the red creature. She smiled and tottered out, he cane clicking on the sidewalk as she walked towards it, gloves on her hand and a garbage bag tucked under her arm. She studied it, looking for a note to see who it was from, And when she didn’t see one she frowned a little worried. But she picked up the creature and placed it in the bag and headed back inside, where the creature went into the freezer to await the child who found it to come forward.

But no one ever did, she saw many kids come and go, but none of them claimed the fox. She continued with her trade, hoping one day to meet the child who’d placed the fox in the box, along with a few other animals that had clearly been roadkill, but no one ever came forward for these animals.

That was until one snowy day the lady peered out her window and saw a kid trudging toward it, hugging a backpack and headng toward the box. She pulled on her cowl and headed out, “Hello dearie, why don’t you bring that in and warm up?” she asked. The teen was older, but didn’t seem to drive, for they had walked here. “Come in.” she said again and the teen eventually nodded and followed her in, carrying the bag. 

Once she had the young person settled, and the prize, a jackrabbit skull, placed in a bucket she handed them hot chocolate and set the plate of cookies down before settling in her chair. She looked at the shy teen as they sipped the hot chocolate, “So are you the one bringing me all these creatures without a note?” she asked softly.

The teen nodded, “Yeah.” they replied. A

The old lady smiled, “Why don’t you ever leave a note, or come in?” she asked.

They shrugged, “Well.. I’m not supposed to be picking up these things, my parents think it’s gross and don’t want me touching it… but.. I don’t want to just leave these things on the road.” they said.

The lady smiled, “Well I know, parents sometimes are set in their ways. But sometimes you need to try talking to them, or even just asking if you can come here and learn, so nothing is in their home. Getting educated so you can teach them that it’s not all scary and the start of a murderer.” she said softly. “I’ll teach you, if you want, and if your parents will let you. So then you can state an educated case.”

The teen nodded and smiled a little, “I’d like that.”

So the old vulture began to teach the teen and even though they never were allowed to bring any fresh dead things home, the cleaned bones and hides helped them ease their parents into it.

Extinct animals on display at the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Photo from Flickr: [x

The display features a model of a dodo skeleton and taxidermy specimens of the Great Auk, Carolina Parakeet, Przewalski’s horse, thylacine, and two Passenger Pigeons. Though it is displayed with extinct animals in this exhibit, the Przewalski’s horse is currently classified as endangered; it was once considered extinct in the wild.

I’m pleased to announce that my new piece, Ascendance, has been accepted for the Zodiac group show at Splendorporium in Portland, OR! This miniature assemblage is a microcosm of Scorpio’s animal symbols. In the center of an old cigar box with a fresh coat of paint, a real dry-preserved scorpion rises out of the deep waters of intuition. It reaches toward a painted bone phoenix feather hanging aloft, but a gray lizard (a repainted toy) prowls beneath, waiting for the slightest misstep.

My portfolio may be viewed here, and my current and past exhibitions may be viewed here.

Roadkill yote I mentioned yesterday! Saw his butt the first time and thought it was a dog. I was in a rush and hoped he’d still be there on my way back. Wasn’t sure and got worried that he wasn’t as I was driving back, couldn’t remember exactly which road it was and I thought he was gone, till I saw that rump Pulled over and picked him up, and he was frozen solid in that position. Such a beautiful yote that I can’t wait to work on! 


Face of tattooed mummified princess finally revealed after 2,500 years

The first replica face has been created of the famous tattooed Siberian princess found mummified and preserved after almost 2,500 years in permafrost. A Swiss expert has used special taxidermy techniques to build an accurate reconstruction of the ice maiden who was uncovered by archaeologists in 1993.

Known as Princess Ukok, after the high altitude plateau on which she was discovered, her body was decorated in the best-preserved, and most elaborate, ancient art ever found. While her discovery was exciting, particularly given how intact her remains were, her face and neck skin had deteriorated, with no real clue as to what she once looked like.

However, now her face has been revealed to the world for the first time following the work by Swiss taxidermist Marcel Nyffenegger. Read more.