spinsaround said:

Oh wait also best soundtrack of any movie ever + why

I can give a list

1.LotR- simply because

2.Godfather- like listen to it

3.Trainspotting- Iggy Pop

4.The man with no name trilogy- only people who can’t whistle don’t like it

5.Blues Brothers-I was raised to love it

6.2001- its a big soundtrack with a movie on it

7.The Graduate- hello darkness my old friend

8.Shaft- Shaft

9.Blackhawk down- imho I just liked it

10.Taxi Driver- it really fit

11/10/14 Streetside Cobbler

In between morning and sunset yoga class I head to Rishikesh town to get essentials (chargers/adapters for my gadgets and alarm clock for the ashram).

Rather than search the busy narrow streets I ask a taxi driver to escort me to the right shops, he almost certainly overcharges me for the guided shopping trip but I’m grateful for his help.  I get what I need super fast.

On the way back to the car, the driver stops to get his sandals fixed.
I’m delighted to watch the cobbler get to work and inspect his roadside workshop where he has a few cloths, a knife, some polish and a parasol to shelter from the sun.

The pleather sandal thong has almost snapped - anywhere else I’d say they were kaput and needed to go in the bin. But instead the roadside cobbler gets to work, first with a tool that looks like a crochet hook except its bloody sharp or he’s super powered because he punches a neat line of holes through the sole with great ease, after that some beautifully neat and elegant lines of stitching to strengthen the sole, before he secures the loose sandal strap. His technique looks a bit like tambour embroidery technique where the thread or beads are held under the cloth.

He works fast and neat, and then gives them sandals a heavy dose of sun melted black polish and then a serious buffing.  I tease the driver that he will have black toes.

Taxi Destroyer Rush

Taxi Destroyer Rush Control: Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and reverse, space to break, ‘z’ and ‘x’ to shoot your guns. Description: Being a taxi driver is no easy job. Fighting your way traffic all day long to get in time to your clients can be very frustrating. Well, not anymore! Try this new equipped cab, with everything you need to drive faster: bulletproof armor, a machine gun and why not, a rocket launcher! Just shoot your unlimited ammo at anything that comes in your way and don’t let any obstacles, not even other parked cars stop you from reaching to your passenger in time! Start driving in this new era for all taxi drivers!

If You Love Me, Let Me Go || Part 2 - Luke One Shot

Requested: yes; by a few different people
A/N: Luke’s POV

Finally rounding off the tour yesterday, and finding out that we will not be moving to L.A, the boys and I found ourselves back in Australia for the first time in six months. Stepping off of the plane, we were met with the surprise of having no fans waiting for us. I guess landing at four in the morning will get you peace and quiet at the airport for once. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fans, but the mobs frightens me.

In knowing that we would be arriving in Australia in the early hours of the day, we made sure our parents stayed in bed. We all went our separate ways and headed home. I got in a vacant taxi and gave the driver the address to my flat that I shared with Y/N. I at back in my seat and pulled out my phone. I sent a quick text to Y/N telling her that I would be home soon before opening the photo application. Pulling up my favourite photo of Y/N that I took for Instagram, I smiled at the thought of seeing her in approximately ten minutes. It’s been a total of two weeks and four days since we’ve last spoken to each other when we spoke about the possibility of me and the boys moving to L.A.

A few minutes later, the driver pulled up at our flat. I paid him, plus some for helping me pull out my luggage, before making my way to the front door of our flat. Unlocking the front door, the place felt stale and dead; it seemed as if there was no sense of life here. I called out Y/N’s name, but there was no reply. I trudged up the stairs and made my way to our shared bedroom only to be met with the sight of an empty made bed. I was confused. Sitting on the end of the bed, on my side, a note with Y/N’s handwriting on my bedside table caught my eyes.

Dear Luke,
I didn’t want to go; believe me, I didn’t. I love you more than you could ever know, but I couldn’t take it anymore. The hate was getting to hard to handle on my own. And, you’re never home. I know we try to keep in contact, but it’s not working anymore. I miss you. It’s not your fault though; you’re living your dreams and I’m so proud of you and the boys for chasing it. I’m happy I got to call you mine, but I guess you were never really just mine to hold. Your world is coming together now at such a rapid pace and there isn’t any room for me in it anymore. Please fe happy and keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll forget about me soon anyways.
Forever yours,

Looking around the room once again, I began to notice all of the now empty spaces where Y/N’s things once were. I placed my head in my hands before calling the first name I. My contacts; Michael.

"What the hell do you want now Luke? We just spent 23 hours on a plane together." Michael asked once he picked up. I knew he was just joking around since I could hear the sound of a video game pausing in the background. Just hearing his voice, I let out a sob. "Luke, what’s wrong?"

At the sound of his now worried voice, I couldn’t hold myself together anymore and I began to sob uncontrollably. “Y/N’s gone. Y/N left and I don’t know what to do.”

Two and a half weeks left

I feel like I’ve been neglecting writing on here.

My one week at home back in mid October went by all too fast. Didn’t have enough time with the bf, wasn’t able to get a new phone, and barely managed to get enough appointments set for the first week of the trip I’m on.

Stayed in this artsy hotel in Suzhou and worked on reviving my Mandarin. I always only really use it in restaurants, with taxi drivers, and with guys on Jackd. I  wasn’t feeling adventurous and the pollution was bad, so I didn’t do any sightseeing.

Now I’m in Taiwan. Unfortunately had work during the Pride parade, but I did have my first “experience” of clubbing here last night. I met up with one of my bf’s friends and went to G Star Club. Got to see all of the locals with their perfectly memorized dance moves for every song, oh so many tank tops. It was way too crowded and we eventually decided to leave and get food.

I’ve been getting lots of messages from guys here, but it’s either from guys that are too old for me, butter faces, or guys asking for “Hi fun”. Talked to a guy for the longest time before I realized he meant he wanted to do ice with me. I’m just not feeling motivated to hook up with anyone yet. Not even sure if I want to check out Aniki since they renovated.

I probably have the most uneventful open relationship there is. Honestly rather have someone to just cuddle with in bed and watch HBO while I’m on these trips…

So drunk.
Many friends.
Old times. Amazing..
The brilliant taxi driver.
Cool old friends who loved me and made sure I got home.
Being picked up at 4am by boyfriends mum because both mums went on a ghost hunt and got back at the crack of dawn.


New Post has been published on The Rakyat Post

New Post has been published on http://www.therakyatpost.com/world/2014/10/26/anti-occupy-mob-roughs-hong-kong-journalists/

Anti-Occupy mob roughs up Hong Kong journalists

HONG KONG, Oct 26, 2014:

Three journalists were roughed up on Saturday evening in Hong Kong after being confronted by pro-government protesters holding a rally to oppose a four-week long “Occupy” movement of the financial hub’s streets by pro-democracy demonstrators.

Hong Kong has been roiled by a tenacious, student-led people’s movement demanding full democracy in the former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

But the protracted “Occupy Central” civil disobedience movement has also sparked clashes with police and has come under attack from sometimes hostile groups and sections of society who have condemned the disruptions to traffic and business, including blue-collar workers such as taxi and truck drivers.

In the latest sign of simmering tensions, more than 1,000 “anti-Occupy” supporters gathered to denounce the pro-democracy protesters close to the harbour front Star Ferry pier.

Many chanted slogans like “Give me back Hong Kong!” and “Clear the streets immediately!” during the evening rally.

While there were not direct clashes between the two camps on this occasion, small groups of protesters, many wearing blue ribbons as a symbol against the yellow ribbon-wearing student activists, directed their ire at journalists on the scene.

During heated exchanges, a cameraman and reporter for the city’s largest free-to-air television station, TVB, were surrounded and harassed by hostile crowds, some of whom pushed them around, tore off the reporter’s tie and snatched off a pair of glasses from the cameraman amid shouting and cursing.

The pair eventually had to be escorted from the melee by police officers.

A female reporter for Hong Kong’s public broadcaster, RTHK, Wong Wing-yin, was also kicked on the leg and body by blue ribbon supporters after being pushed to the ground. She was taken to hospital.

RTHK and its programme staff union condemned the attack, while a spokesman said the station would take legal action.

Over the past month, leaders of the blue ribbon campaign have openly threatened the largely peaceful pro-democracy protesters with violence, leading in some cases to the forceful clearance of road barricades by angry mobs and street fights in the gritty district of Mong Kok, which has become the scene of some of the ugliest violence between the two sides.

Police said some of anti-Occupy attacks had been co-ordinated and involved triads or local organised criminal gangs.

The pro-democracy occupation movement, which has lasted beyond many people’s expectations despite intense government, police and public pressure, was sparked by Beijing’s decision in late August to rule out free elections for Hong Kong’s next leader in 2017, insisting instead that candidates be screened by a committee stacked with Beijing loyalists.

The turmoil presents the Chinese leadership with one of its biggest political challenges since it crushed pro-democracy protests in and around Tiananmen Square in 1989.

Hong Kong’s leader, Leung Chun-ying, reiterated over the weekend that he would not resign after local business leader and politician James Tien said he should consider doing so.

China rules Hong Kong under a “one country, two systems” formula that accords the former British colony a degree of autonomy and freedoms not enjoyed in mainland China.

Hong Kong’s so-called people’s umbrella movement escalated late last month after police used tear gas, batons and pepper spray on unarmed demonstrators, many of whom held up nothing more than umbrellas to try to defend themselves.

Thousands of protesters remain camped out in a sea of tents on a major highway close to government headquarters in Admiralty and in lesser numbers in the shopping and densely populated districts of Causeway Bay and Mong Kok.


I want to thank:

my family for all the love and support they have
given me throughout this year despite all the crazy stuff I’ve done

my friends for still staying friends with me despite all the mental things I’ve done

the I.O.W.A. Collective. You guys are insane and a bunch of fun to be with. Let’s make more and more work!

all of the Elam students and staff. You guys are awesome

the good people at Artspace NZ, Fuzzyvibes, Ivan
Anthony, George Fraser, Michael Lett, Gowlangsford, Hopkinsson Mossman and other galleries for all the free alcohol at openings

everyone who bothers to reblog and like my work on Tumblr. You guys are saints

NICAI for the free food

the bouncers in town who believed that I wasn’t on
drugs or too drunk and let me into clubs


the liquor store owners who believed that I was over
eighteen years of age and didn’t ask for ID

the taxi drivers who still drove me home from town
even though I didn’t have enough money

the bus drivers that smile and are on time.
To the drivers who ARE rude AND aren’t on time, I have nothing to say
to you

and if you have had the patience and bothered to read this pointless thing to
the end, thank you

schlechthexe replied to your post:((oh man i am  having a lot of excitement from…

(Ooohhhh tell me more of this. o3o)

((okay, this was inspired by a bit of brainstorming between littleroboticknow-it-all and i (when we started another thread yis) where the duo never met and ratchet got employment as galaxy’s craziest taxi driver in order to pay his ticket off veldin for good. it couldnt leave my head and im super excited about the AU o3o))
Eremite - All Things Merge Into One [2014, Taxi Driver Records]


Eremite’s new album takes some experimentally-inclined black metal (in a similar vein to Ulver and Agalloch) and dabs it up with a light coat of sludge. They start things off in traditional black metal style, relying on wildly-pounded drums and howled growling to carry the music on over low-mixed guitar, but after adding a few breaks with an emphasis on melody to the shredding, the vocals are dropped.

From there, the band is able to really pull together some impressive and complex arrangements (perhaps most notably in the quickly-cascading piano notes of “The Past Became My Future”). Though the vocals return from time to time, it’s done with an ear towards balance, which makes for an interesting blend of the aggressive and the elegant elements.

Seriously... taxi drivers??

Left this morning and taxi driver says I should let him take me all the way to Seoul. I’m like no way. Ha!

Then he asks why I’m going there so I said I’m going home.

So he says oh were you visiting your boyfriend?
I said yes (even though he’s not my boyfriend)
He says: Oooh did yal hug a lot at night and get intimate?(pretty sure this is what he was saying)
I was like: no!!
He says: oh it’s ok. You’re adults. So did you?
I said: 아저씨!! 왜그래?? (Middle aged man) what’s wrong with you?? Then I said we weren’t married yet so we couldn’t.

Not saying we didn’t but he doesn’t need to know that. What a rude pervert!!

I feel like 1989 could be a Broadway soundtrack

I mean, I’ve only heard 3 songs, but picture it…

A young ingenue arrives in New York City. She’s dancing through the streets, singing while taxi drivers, graffiti artists and men and women in business casual outfits chant WELCOME TO NEW YORK!

I’m not sure what happens to this young ingenue in between Out of the Woods and Shake it Off, but I hope she has a happy ending.

Hey taylorswift, think this could be a thing?