It’s really important to talk about how discussion of taxes in the US is so skewed.

Conservatives only like to talk about the federal income tax, but the US has a broad range of other taxes.  Property taxes, sales taxes, state taxes, local taxes, workplace taxes, etc.  And virtually all of those are disproportionate on the poor, not only in terms of burden, but in terms of rates.

For example, in most parts of the US, public schools are usually funded by local (by school district usually) taxes.  Poor home owners and poor renters do not have relief from these taxes.  People lose their homes because of taxes like this that they cannot pay because of poverty.  And it also impacts the school their children attend.  Because it’s a tightrope walk for poor districts to try to balance paying for education and not taxing their residence out.  Which means poor kids get less school funds.

And that’s just school property taxes.

Federal income tax is the one Conservatives like to focus on precisely because it’s, while rather regressive, less blatantly regressive than most other taxes.

And even with federal tax return rates, the numbers are skewed by a policy that says that federal income taxes, if spent within so many days, are exempt from welfare income guidelines.  So a lot of poor people overpay all year and use that as a type of savings and therefore it seems like their returns are inflated but really they were overpaying in their wages earlier.

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‘It’s Racist As Hell’: Inside St. Louis County’s Predatory Night Courts

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI — In 2004, Sean Bailey recalls, he was driving through the streets of St. Louis County en route to a party, when he saw a familiar black-and-white car out of the corner of his eye. He reached for his phone to warn the friend he was following to slow down, but it was too late; the cop blared his siren and pulled up behind him. Bailey, who had a warrant stemming from a failure to appear in court for unpaid traffic tickets, felt a familiar pang of anxiety. He knew exactly what was going to happen next.


“Then there’s Superboy. Is a clone a dependent? Is he me? Do we file together? What does it all mean? What’s the meaning of life?”

Sketch From Superheroes Presents, Superhero Tax Season: Superman

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Congratulations America! Everything you earn from Jan 1st to April 24th belongs to the government

That’s right! Tax Freedom Day 2015 is April 24th. That means that you still haven’t earned a penny this year. Congratulations!


Tax Freedom Day is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total tax bill for the year. Tax Freedom Day takes all federal, state, and local taxes and divides them by the nation’s income. In 2015, Americans will pay $3.28 trillion in federal taxes and $1.57 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total tax bill of $4.85 trillion, or 31 percent of national income. This year, Tax Freedom Day falls on April 24, or 114 days into the year.

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But that’s not all! In 2015, Americans will spend more on taxation than they will on food, clothing and housing…combined.

Make no mistake, our economy would grow exponentially if we let people keep the money they earn. Not only would people simply have more money in their respective bank accounts, but without the threat of higher taxation, people would have a greater incentive to work, invest, hire and so on. But until then, let’s live life and enjoy the fruit of our own labor…after April 24th, of course.