Album review:Tawny Peaks- In silver River

Remember the days of going on long drives? Loving instrumentation in music?  Finding music that was worthwhile? If you have been out of the loop the latest release from Tawny Peaks has arrived. In Silver River is the perfect summer album to just pile your friends in your car and go for a drive without a destination. The track “Bending Time” is a track you can just put it on and air bass too while you are doing the dishes and you find yourself singing along with the vocalist.  Another standout track is “Wasting Space” where again the instrumentation is perfect, peaceful, and energetic all at the same time. “wasting space” is a song to drive on that back road you know of that allows you to take the long way home and you find yourself tapping on the steering wheel while you look around while driving. The track “Go ask Arthur” pairs the vocals with yet again amazing instrumentation from Tawny peaks… I can’t help but almost be reminded of maps and atlases with the instruments throughout the song and that is a VERY good thing.

Bottom line: In  silver river delivers the perfect summertime album that is perfect for the night drives, campfires, and just summertime days when you want to hear something refreshing. While listening to the album I’m brought to the feeling of some of the bands I love ie) minus the bear and maps and atlases.  With the rise of “heavy” music invading the airwaves, it is refreshing and welcoming to have Tawny Peaks bring us In the silver river. Run, don’t walk to get to know Tawny Peaks, if you sleep on this you will be regretting it.