Yesterday’s Workout. Chest & Back. Also tried a new pre-workout with I actually do like. I might switch from the Amino Energy for a couple weeks then back.

FIRST time post pictures of myself… I know there isn’t much YET. I’m not all that skinny but I’m healthy. But I’m starting.. and making progress.. I’ll try to update often…

I’ll also post this workout later. >.<

your the reason i keep smiling. <3 11.5.10

edit* soooo is it said i dont know how to reply on this thing? haha

well nahh he didnt do the receipt thing but it was still cuteee <3

& thankssssss(:

366.47 Still waiting for my hair to grow back to what it was…. :(( BOO.

This also might have been the day our coach made us run a mile in the RAIN, then do sprints the whole rest of the period in the disgusting HUMID weather. -__-