Anyone able to design us a tattoo??

We want our first initials to be used, so M & W. Our first thoughts are to have our own initial tattooed so for e.g mine will look like an M one way but a W to me.. ya dig? Can also maybe join them. We love hearts. & fancy writing.. Ideas??

anonymous said:

Some of my reactions as I read it: IM SCVREMA//THSI IS SO CVUTENOYHFDSJK\N FUCK'NO SHIT SHHELP//oh mdy fgof oh muchof no fdhyut fuckBABDEUI DX//LUCIAN PELSS//I AM WEAK//SAMMY ABSBBY//idk mHJASCDJKBSXBNAB AY//I M DHFIOTGUCKI M SO//IM GETRTIONG THE ENTIRE THING TATTOPPED ON MY BACL FUCK ~m (I love you so much rn I cant even explain just gabe as loki and Lucian and "they call me Gabriel" and the car crash and gabe being excited for his growth spurt and just EVERYTHING)

DO NOT. TATTOO THE ENTIRE THING. It turned out very long and I’m not sure how well that would work out.

Even though they’re kids, I wanted to keep a lot of canon events there, because I love it when writers put in little nods to the canon. Hence Gabriel’s line being exact, and *spoilers* John dying in a car crash that seriously wounded Dean (while Sam was driving), and Chuck vanishing, and just… writing them both growing up was so great I didn’t even realize how much they were both there for each other until I was writing the “Sam realizing he loves Gabriel comforting him and it’s always been that way and should be forever”. I blew my own mind. and cried.

Thanks again for the prompt!