it feels too good
until the end
when the emotions
kill me instead.
—  drugs.
Get to know the bloggers of Petblr!

Picture of yourself (or if you aren’t comfortable with that, a picture of one of your animals):

Age: ahem, 34…


Pet community associations: I like dogs!

My animals:

Max the fluffy bum. He is a malamute/husky mix. He’s 4 years old. He is absolute my best buddy. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Maeby the marvelous mutt. She’s approx. 2 years old. The shelter had her listed as a aussie/malamute mix. A cheap dna test came back with labrador retriever/collie/german shepherd dog/lots of mixed breed. Her true breed is SweetPea WiggleBottom.

Most popular (or favorite) post you’ve made:
Most popular is probably this one:

thecutestofthecute put together a sort of Max’s greatest hits from our old blog: here !

How did you get into keeping the type of animal your blog is focused on?

I have always loved dogs. I grew up with several different kinds of pups. I once saw baby Max in the coffee shop my boyfriend works at. Later I saw a cute pic of him with a flower on his nose. I instantly wanted him! Turns out his previous owner needed a new home for Max & so he came to live with us! I knew he needed a buddy even though he is incredibly picky. With love, patience, & hard work Maeby turned out to be the perfect match for Max.

What inspired you to start your blog? 

I used to have a personal tumblr but it evolved into being specifically about dogs when Max came into my life. It was a great place to share photos, stories, & connect with other husky/mal owners. 

Favorite animal or dream animal you’d like to one day keep?

Have you been following along? DOGS! DUH! I also am fond of any furry woodland creature…foxes, bunnies…

How do you feel about the pet community you are a part of?

I think you guys are rad! It’s so wonderful to see others love their pups as fiercely as I do mine. I enjoy seeing all of your cutie patooties.

Anything you’d like to communicate to your pet community?

Just keep on truckin’ & being you! It’s easy to get wrapped up in drama, but the love of our furry family members is what really brings us together.

Are you comfortable with followers asking pet care questions?

Yeah, sure! I’m not a professional so if I don’t have a clue maybe I can help find a resource for you.

Any interests outside of your pet community?

I love to craft & sew. I have the best hiking buddy in my dog. Books are great!

What do you do outside of Tumblr?

My life is mostly about my dogs. They’re kinda high maintenance. ;) But I love them just the way they are. I also like to eat donuts & junk food & binge on Netflix when I can. For a job I am a Financial Counselor at a hospital. It’s not the best so as soon as I get home I lay down on the floor & let me dogs attack me with kisses & cuddles.

Any other info you’d like to give? (Maybe what you studied in school, what you’d like to one day do, or something else?) 

My dream is to move north where there are mountains & more snow.

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I was tagged by huskyhuddle.  I apologize if you have already been tagged & of course don’t feel like ya gotta! tattooed-dog-mom quichehound alipynckel huskiesadventures @kaisertheshepherd

november 14

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

we know// fifth harmony

"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch


Ahahaha I feel like I kind of copped out because I’ve been getting asked for Potter!Punks for ages, and never really was able to draw something I was satisfied with and now these are only busts instead of full bodies. OOPS. Sorry. Maybe one day I’ll do full body images, because I have about a million more tattoo ideas.