A Sixteen-ish year old girl came in and asked my parter on bar to see the “Secret Menu book,” so obviously my partner explained that there is no such thing. The girl walked over to me and said she would like to file a complaint because “That Bitch making drinks” was hiding the secret menu from her.

I wish I was making this up…

austin--tatious asked:

In response to the no trenta water question; So all of the iced cups use they same amount of plastic (therefore costing the same amount) except the trenta which uses more plastic(in turn costing more to make). This is also the reason an iced venti cup feels flimsier than a tall, because it is the same amount of plastic stretched out more to make the bigger cup.

"Can’t count the years on one hand
that we’ve been together
I need the other one to hold you
Make you feel, make you feel better.”

been sick all day, drew Hayley/Paramore fanart to make myself feel better. <3

EDIT: WOW this is getting reposted like crazy all over the place! If you can, can you guys make sure it links back to my blog/this post? Thanks! I work as an artist for a living, and would like to continue making paramore art in the future, so please support, don’t detract! <3 EDIT EDIT: Added a more apparent watermark/URL.


Hey guys!
I’m wanting to work a bit more on my painting and lighting, especially my speedpaints, so I’m offering some SUPER DISCOUNTED slots- Headshot/busts only.

**$20 EACH (I realized I didnt list this beforehand. Whoops)

5 slots!


First come first serve. 
Payment up front via paypal.
Wing it commissions- you supply the character, I do the rest.

To order, email me your character references (please mark them NSFW if so) and your paypal info to Laughingincolor@gmail.com :)