“[Tatiana Maslany] is so protective of the illusion and in defense of her characters there are no vanities with her. She is never focused on looking beautiful. She is never focused on not looking silly. She is fully willing to embarrass herself all the time and you know, it’s not embarrassing to us watching it. We’re fascinated by it. She transitions and becomes these women and you’re having a conversation with her as Rachel or as Alison and there’s just no performing going on. You’re having a conversation with those women. When she looks like Rachel, she’s dressed like Rachel, she is Rachel, and Rachel’s not a very nice person to have a conversation with, she’s kind of a bitch.”

                                                            - Jordan Gavaris for Playboy (x)

mrmillen asked:

have you accepted tatiana maslany as your lord and saviour??

I have accepted Tatiana Maslany as the leader of the free world, First of her name, Queen of the Bailey Downs and the First Clones, Lord of the Seven Sestras, and Protector of the Leda. Mother of Scorpions.