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Dolls N’ Devs Assassins Creed Black Flag Multiplayer

Check out mine and tasukigirl’s cosplay in this great MP interview/promo! We’re featured around 1:31:16. :)

tasukigirl said:

If you're by any chance bringing your Borderlands 2 gear to SDCC, i'm working on Gaige/Mechromancer. :D (It's Lorena!)

Yes! I do plan to! I want to redo a lot of it in between now and then. And hopefully tackle a Zero costume for Sylar. WE SHOULD TAKE PICTURES! A friend of mine is also doing gaige and I know a few doing others like handsome jack and lilith and so on. 

tasukigirl said:

It's not as exciting, but I'll likely bring Ivan Karelin to Otakon. And lots of Assassins of course! :D (If you don't remember me, I was Rosa at NYCC!)

I will definitely find you at Otakon! :D

(edit: and yes I remember you! lol I think you were the only Rosa at NYCC actually…)

tasukigirl said: Go to the party and bring her along. :)

That would definitely be the ideal solution! I just feel slightly awkward about bringing someone to a party that I wasn’t formally invited to (I was just sort of included in an invite given to my boyfriend), and also it’s a little far, so I don’t know if she’d want to go. And I don’t know if my friend’s friend would want to go as well (although I wouldn’t mind her coming too).

I guess I better talk to my friend with the party and see if she minds me bringing  a person or two…

tasukigirl said:

Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With. Send me 3 names: Crowley, Lucifer, Ruby

Fuck: Ruby (yesplzdreamcometrue)

Marry: Lucifer (Obey your dark queen! *that night* Its okay Lucifer, I’m right here, we can snuggle and talk about all our daddy issues)

Get Drunk With: Crowley (I just imagine him insulting everyone’s fashion and me just sitting back being all happy he’s not insulting me)