If loving cherries or cashews is wrong, well I frankly don’t care about being right. Kicking off the new year recipe testing for an article on breakfast bowls that will make you “unstoppable”. My first creation: ⚡️super-powered oats ⚡️ this bowls is loaded with magic - coconut milk, gluten free oats, flaxseed meal, oat bran, maca powder, cinnamon, cashew butter, cherries and garnished with chopped raw cashews and more open faced cherries. Lots of fiber for digestion, good fats / omega 3s, cinnamon to help balance your sugar cravings (and so they don’t spike from the ever so delicious cherries), feel good nutrients from cashews and maca to help give you sustained energy and balance your hormones.. just in case you need that. 😉. #letfoodLIGHTyouup ✨ #tasteslikedessert #breakfastforeverymeal #notasmoothiebowl (at the test kitchen)