Getting started in the fashion industry is no small task. In fact, without the support of friends, family and the community, emerging designers often face a tough time running all facets of a business. Enter Wantering Tastemaker Nicole Giordano, founder and director of content of StartUp FASHION.

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Taxis, styling consulting, sparkling metallics, designer meetings and a stroll in Central Park. Just a typical day in the life of one of IFB’s 20 Fashion Bloggers on the Rise. No big deal.

Jessie Artigue is a dynamic firecracker with enough style, flavor and personality to erupt your senses. She brings new meaning to the term girl-on-the-go as a style consultant, event planner, on-air personality, and blogger over at Style and Pepper. Whether it’s her warm, vibrant and quirky personality or bright blue eyes (or both!) - this “idea-girl-extraordinare” will easily win you over with her smile and spice.  

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"The Tastemaker is essential reading for anyone interested in how America emerged from the cultural shadow of Europe in the last century."

So overall, I don’t personally find biographies of forgotten literary critics to be my cup of tea, but this review offered up some staggering bi erasure, which made me sigh loudly enough to startle my sleeping cat:

"His personal life was no less complicated than his professional one. His second marriage, in 1914 to actress Fania Marinoff, lasted fifty years, mainly because Marinoff was willing to share her husband with a succession of younger men. White stops short of claiming Van Vechten was exclusively homosexual: “He was able to feel physically attracted to certain women, but his sincere need for female companionship was much more emotional than physical.”

Hmmmm, wouldn’t it be useful if there was a word for that?  A word often defined as having “the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree”?   


The word you’re looking for here is BISEXUAL.   

- Sarah

Taking snaps of the chic and fashionable on the streets of Paris is a tough job - but someone has to do it. Sophie Mhabille is part of the next generation of street style huntresses and connoisseurs that roam the arrondissements and avenues searching for sophisticates and bohemians to capture on camera.

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