So there’s this new pro-independence newspaper in Scotland called The National and idk if I’ve set the bar too low as a result of constant disappointment or if this really is… I can’t even bring myself to say that anything is “good” anymore but it’s surprisingly not-shit???

so far I’ve read one article by an author who pretty much said ‘yeah so I was part of a protest at the premier of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof and even if you don’t agree with protesting against him at least it was based on coherent, political analysis because women mostly get treated like shit’

one article by Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, founder of the Scottish Asian Women’s Association about the issue of domestic abuse against women in Britain, and the continuing inequality in pension funds and the wage gap between men and women

an article on Susan and Gerrie Douglas-Scott, who will have one of Scotland’s first gay marriage ceremonies (and they were on the cover)

an article on asexual awareness focusing on a teenager, Josh Scott, who has created an asexual pride booklet and a documentary called Sex Pressure

and an article about Stephanie Roche, a female footballer who’s one of three finalists considered for a sports award that has never been won by a member of a women’s football team; the feature also makes note of the lack of media coverage of women’s football, and the huge difference in wages for male and female players

idk it’s just very rare that I would read a newspaper and not become furiously enraged but actually hear about interesting people doing awesome shit and that would back my hatred for Tarantino