say whatever you want about All About That Bass and Anaconda and #fatkini and how it’s “not real body positivity” and how it’s “super offensive to thin people” but for the first time in my life i am seeing a positive representation of people who look like me in the media. for the first time in my life i’m being told that it’s ok to not be a size four. for the first time in my life i am seeing women who look like me embrace their size instead of hiding behind layers and layers of heavy clothing and that is so important. having positive representation of larger body types in the media is so important and i don’t care if you don’t think it’s real body positivity because i have never felt good about the way i look and i have spent my life having to convince myself that i am not worthless because of my size and i have never ever thought i would find love or feel beautiful and for the first time i am realizing that i can be something without being thin and for the first time i am realizing that i do not have to count calories or go on crazy fad diets to be beautiful and if you don’t like that you can go shove a cactus up your ass because i don’t fucking care 

my favorite thing about leverage is that all the other criminals on the show think that the leverage crew is super hardcore and ruthless and pulls all sorts of impossible, shady jobs but actually they’re a bunch of well-intentioned nerds who do the equivalent of pro-bono cases