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Guy Makes Taser Sword and It’s Fucking Awesome

user SeoirseN posted this video up today of his buddy’s taser sword that was just finished. No idea how this was made, and all I can really understand about it is the rubber tape being used around the handle, but it’s really fucking rad. And super terrifying to see, even on video. Don’t fuck with this guy…

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Israeli police repeatedly taser Palestinian man in front of his children

The 42-year-old father of five was tasered five times for asking police to stop using disproportionate force with pepper spray after they sprayed on kids’ faces several times

A Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem complained to the Justice Ministry department that investigates police misconduct on Thursday after a police officer shocked him five times with an electric stun gun in front of his five children on Tuesday.

The Palestinian, 42-year-old Talal Siad of the A-Tur neighborhood, was shot while out with his family at a Tel Aviv water park celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday. Siad checked himself into the hospital suffering from burns and nausea.

The incident took place after Tel Aviv police were called to Meymadion Water Park to control a brawl. Officers used pepper spray to subdue one of the participants. Siad, who was not involved in the brawl, attracted the officers’ attention by telling them they were using the irritant too freely.

"I was there with my family, my five children and my wife; we went out to have fun on our holiday," he told Haaretz. "Suddenly there was a confrontation between a few security men and kids who were fighting among themselves. The officers wanted to arrest the boy who was seen naked in the closed-circuit television system. He fell down and they sprayed him in the face.

"I saw them repeat that action several times, and then got up with my 3-year-old in my arms and shouted at them to stop. I told the policeman, ‘What are you doing? You’re killing those kids,’ and he told me to leave. I said, ‘You’re being unreasonable, you go away.’"

In response, Siad said, the policemen threatened him with the Taser. “I shouted, ‘Do you want to shoot me?’ and then he shot me in the stomach,’” Siad added.

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"Tase me, bro. The pain is a gift."

5 Innocuous Animals Who Are Now Terrorizing Humanity

#5. Peacock Is Too Powerful for Taser

A Houston man saw a dark side of the bird when his pet ‘cock Meanie grew increasingly hostile toward human women. And when a sheriff’s deputy came over to investigate complaints of the misogynist peafowl, Meanie brandished his talons and attacked a witness with such ferocity that the cop was forced to Taser the flamboyant beast twice to no effect.

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This dude is a beast. Taser didn’t even make him drop his cigarette. 

(just saw legendjab link to this vid and I had to post)

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Female US Air Force Soldier Gets Tased!

As part of a training exercise US Air Force soldiers must experience what it’s like to be tased.

I don’t think that’s what this female soldier was expecting! While being tasered she ended up grabbing more that what she bargained for.

I hope that man’s okay!


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