Baltimore police allegedly tased a woman for recording them beating a man

35-year-old Baltimore woman claims that city police officers allegedly used a Taser on her and arrested her after she recorded them brutally beating a “handcuffed and defenseless” suspect on the street. 

Police attempted to force Kianga Mwamba to delete the recording off her phone, only to have the incident — which involves police dragging her from her car and referring to her as a “dumb bitch” — stored in her Cloud account. Mwamba is now suing the city for $7 million for violating her civil rights.


Guy Makes Taser Sword and It’s Fucking Awesome

user SeoirseN posted this video up today of his buddy’s taser sword that was just finished. No idea how this was made, and all I can really understand about it is the rubber tape being used around the handle, but it’s really fucking rad. And super terrifying to see, even on video. Don’t fuck with this guy…

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"Tase me, bro. The pain is a gift."

5 Innocuous Animals Who Are Now Terrorizing Humanity

#5. Peacock Is Too Powerful for Taser

A Houston man saw a dark side of the bird when his pet ‘cock Meanie grew increasingly hostile toward human women. And when a sheriff’s deputy came over to investigate complaints of the misogynist peafowl, Meanie brandished his talons and attacked a witness with such ferocity that the cop was forced to Taser the flamboyant beast twice to no effect.

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Female US Air Force Soldier Gets Tased!

As part of a training exercise US Air Force soldiers must experience what it’s like to be tased.

I don’t think that’s what this female soldier was expecting! While being tasered she ended up grabbing more that what she bargained for.

I hope that man’s okay!


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