Meet Cherymoya, the queen taschevah.
she is a mix of dhuhoo and sczent taschevah. the mother was a Dhuhoo, so most of her genes dominate over her parent’s sczent’s, however, his enormous size was one of the good things that she aqquired from him.
She is the queen of her tribe and she her word is law. she’s extremely capable as a guider, advicer and also as a mother. she protects her trive with all her might, and organizes them efficiently in case of danger.

She does have, however, a dark side: like all Dhuhoo Taschevah queens, if Cherymoya gives birth, or finds a baby taschevah that does not look capable of living under her ruling, she’ll devour it. it is actually a favorite treat of hers, though its not a common one. aside from that, she’s very ferocious when it comes to defending her sandstone city.

She hates flying. the first time she did it as a child, she found an intense fear for not having her pawhooves over any surface, so she decided not to do it again. Instead, she asks one of her servants to scout the area and report the situation of her surroundings.

She’s also extremely lustful. she enjoys sex and prefer those who are able to pin her gigantic body down, as “playmates”. generally, those who can achieve that have the strongest children.

Taschevah and Related Tala’Nynn material belong to   ahkahna
Cherymoya belongs to me.

Commissions, anyone? 

I’m feeling really homesick, and would like to visit, but my plane ticket would be $400+!!!! And it wouldn’t be much cheaper to drive either. So I thought I would try my hand at commissions. I’m not positive on how much I should charge, so I figured I’d do a “pay what you want/can” And I will draw something to match your payment. A piece like this would be $10, though would include some basic shading. This is an older piece, mind you, but does show that I do more than just silly scribbles.

All proceeds will go towards sending me home to see my momma c: 

Tala’nynn talk [sure 99% of you dont know what that is]

i wanna design a taschevah like nakia, except not fat. she’d be the owner of either an orphanage or a day care thing, taking care of children. thing is idk what kind of taschevah would fit the best for that role.

i dont know her name either, probably omething that sounds tribal + food together!!

Anthro taschevah, D’lendia, with her tracking helper,Miinook.
Well. I’ll be spending several hours tonight doing what I was suppose to be doing all day. I wanted to sketch an idea for myself earlier, but, I got so consumed by it I honestly lost all track of time. I think one can see how I got so absorbed into this.

D’Lendia and Minyuk

Another update of D’Lendia and her pet, Minyuk (min-yook {yook, pronounced very quickly}).
As I develop her character more, I’ll add further information, and I do plan to color her when I get the chance. D’Lendia is an overall tanned goldenrod with slightly darker freckling and lighter underparts (under chin, neck, stomach), dark coffee brown hair, green-blue eyes, and varied light brown to coffee black horns and hoof-nails. When bipedal, she has a height of nearly 9 feet. Minyuk is just about the size of a lion.

Tala’Nynn and related material belong to myself.