Lover Of The Light - Mumford and Sons

Your Song of the Valentine Day

I dont have much to offer on this consumer holiday but another post.

Making mistakes can only make people stronger by learning from them, but what are you truly if you are only but imperfect. Sometimes we feel we must learn to move on; As for others we will learn to master our hearts and proceed on loving whether the arms are there or not. Dont be left in your darkest hour, be the lover of your light.

Happy Valentines Day

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I will follow you into the dark - Death Cab for Cutie

Your Song of the Day

Im supposed to have something meaningful but all i can think of right now is dishing this piece out to Tarvvy. If it means anything for now or later or maybe a moment long past, if you ever feel yourself slip into a rut or fall into a hole, Just give me your hand and let me in with you. A burden bared doesnt mean it must be bared alone. Im here for you, angel.


Lover’s Eyes - Mumford and Sons

Your Song of the Day

It doesnt matter how doubtful you become, how worthless you feel, or how hopeless you act; If you ever feel unloved, remember that it only aches the same for your significant other. Believing in one another and steeling your heart to hardship will only make your love stronger.

When youre together, you can accomplish anything


Tongue Tied - Grouplove

Your Song of the Day

More or less im posting this song more for someone else and not necessarily a random coming in my library.

Sometimes we dont know what to say, get nervous and the mind races over what to do or say and the next few words always comes out too honest or analytic. The action you take is too drastic, even. I dont pre-write anything that spills onto the table, thats where it comes from. For some people its a good thing, for others they get in trouble over it. All im saying is ill take a risk anyday to adore you. Sorry for not being around on valentines.