Crystallized tartrazine

Also known as FD&C Yellow 5 or E102, tartrazine is a yellow dye commonly used in processed goods like ice cream, soft drinks, moisturizers, pet foods, and crayons. Of all azo dyes, tartrazine frequently causes allergic and intolerant reactions, though the mechanism of sensitivity is not clear. While conflicting studies have been published regarding its role in promoting hyperactive behaviors in children, tartrazine is being voluntarily phased out in many countries in Europe. In the United States, foods or drugs containing tartrazine must declare the chemical on their ingredients list; the Food and Drug Administration frequently seizes imported products containing undeclared tartrazine.

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FOOD CHEMICALS:  Synthetic Food Chemicals Banned in Other Countries, Approved for U.S. Consumers

"You think the FDA has your back?  …while it may seem like the government is out to protect us…they don’t completely have our best interest—or health—in mind."

When U.S. Big Food companies create and package food for countries outside the U.S. they must reformulate the recipes so that the food is additive-free of those synthetic food chemicals banned outside the U.S.  Find out which synthetic food chemicals have been banned elsewhere and the foods they most often make an appearance in U.S. processed foods.


13 Banned Foods Still Allowed in the U.S.

“If you see any of the following ingredients listed on the nutrition label, don’t buy the product.  Leaving these banned bad boys on the shelves will speak volumes to grocery stores and food manufactures about what informed consumers simply won’t tolerate.”

Some of the synthetic food chemicals banned in other countries but permitted by the  U.S. FDA include:

-Food dyes: Blue 1, Blue 2, Yellow 5 (Tartrazine), and Yellow 6

-Olestra (aka Olean)

-Brominated vegetable oil (aka BVO)

-Potassium bromate (aka brominated flour)


-BHA and BHT

-Synthetic hormones (rBGH and rBST)


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Day Yesterday - Aims for next 30 days.
  1. Don’t die.
  2. Don’t kill Little Sister.
  3. Actually do my coursework.
  4. Actually do some revision.
  5. Get through exams without passing out/killing self/rampaging.
  6. Drink an indecent amount of tea.
  7. Discover if I’m allergic to Tartrazine.
  8. Learn to make an array of origami dinosaurs.
  9. Ignore my social life.
  10. Smoke.
  11. Drink.
  12. Get high.
  13. Judge people.

That’ll do for 30 days.

I’ve always avoided food coloring. Some are natural, but some are indeed pretty bad chemicals. I looked at the Yellow (or Tartrazine) as it’s apparently one of the worse.

Wikipedia lists quite a few possible allergic reactions which impact 0.12% of the population anxiety, migraine, clinical depression, blurred vision, itching, general weakness, heatwaves, feeling of suffocation, purple skin patches, and sleep disturbance, asthma attacks and hives have been claimed, as well as supposed links to thyroid tumors, chromosomal damage, and hyperactivity.

Even though allergic reactions are not that common, a few countries completely banned it including Norway, Austria and Germany (note that the ban has been overturned by the EU).

We don’t really need to eat yellow food…


FOOD CHEMICALS:  Yellow Dye 5 (Tartrazine)…Reasons to avoid it


and if you haven’t done it yet, see our video:

Puke Yellow (or Why You Should Avoid Nasty Yellow 5 Dye)



In the late 1970s one of our children developed a very severe Infantile Eczema which was completely cured by a 2 week camping holiday in France.   Within one hour of boarding a British Ferry for the return home the Infantile Eczema was back!   Our son had consumed a carton of ‘Orange Drink’ containing E102 Tartrazine.   Most of our consumables from France carried the ‘Sans Colorant’ (no artificial colourings) flash on their label. On hearing this story our GP confessed that the medication being used to treat the condition contained E102 Tartrazine.   We had no more infantile eczema and our GP persuaded the Pharmaceutical Company to remove E102 from that widely used infant medication. Unfortunately E102 is still added to foods on sale in the UK.


My boss brought her left over halloween candy to the office. I picked up a bag of M&Ms and read the ingredients. It said “Contains tartrazine”. I thought “Well… at least they were good enough to tell me” and I ate it anyway. 

In case you are wondering what tartrazine is, it’s an artificial foor colouring more commonly referred to as Yellow #5.

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Tariq Hossenbux's Opinions on Kraft Dinner Ingredients

Tariq Hossenbux’s Opinions on Kraft Dinner Food Colouring Additives

 Daily Mail Article on Kraft Dinner Food Additives

So this morning I saw a recipe for Kraft Dinner with Salsa that I decided I had to make.

 So tonight I ran out to the grocery store and picked up 3 boxes for myself. The Kraft Dinner Original was on special for a dollar each, but I hate Yellow #5 food colouring, also known as Tartrazine. It’s what gives KD that unaturally orange colour. It’s been linked to Asthma and Hyperactivity in kids, and I think it gives breakouts of acne as well. It’s made from petroleum industry byproducts so it’s no surprise that it may even have links to cancer.

Because of this I bought the white cheddar version which costs 87 cents more just as I will usally get white cheddar when I can too. You have to be careful though and always read the ingredients because sometimes they even put colours in things that are white like yogurt or sour cream. The White Cheddar version has M0321 but I was unable to come up with anything when I googled that. It especially upsets me when they add colours to things like drink box juice  that the person consuming it will hardly  see.  The recipe also calls for cheddar and they had the cracker barrel type on sale so i picked up this Kraft product also. Personally since i started eating good quality English cheddar  i hardly even consider cracker barrel to be cheese. It falls apart way too easily and you can’t compare cracker barrel to the nice strong taste of the English Dorset Drum cheese.

Most foods in this country that look orange are coloured with Tartrazine. When i was in England it was refreshing to see that candies and other things are coloured with natural ingredients instead of the artificial ones. Instead of words like tartrazine and lake blue you see spinach or carrot extracts colouring foods. Even their version of Kraft Dinner called Cheesy Pasta has natural ingredients. And Yes I am aware that Kraft Dinner has a KD smart version now with no artificial flavours or colours in it. But what this tells you is that big corporations have more control over politicians and legislation in North America. And that means they then have more control over our health and welfare. It extends to other things of course like Europeans requiring more tests on genetically modified foods (GMOs) before they are accepted on the market. Kind of sad don’t you think?

I completed the recipe which consisted on mixing salsa with KD, sprinkling some cheddar on top, and baking it.  Not bad, but not really great. I saved up a little of the powder to sprinkle on top after cooking. We always did that as kids.  The tomato salsa overpowers the other flavours a little too much I think.You never know what a recipe is like till you try it though!

Lost control

So we had 27 glorious days and now the seizures are back. I scrutinized our food book and saw a couple errors. But I think that he may have reacted to the tartrazine in a banana flavoring that I used in his smoothie. With just a little research I could see that from a study done on children with adhd„ 70% of them reacted to yellow dye (among other things). This study was about preservatives and food coloring and salycites. The fail safe also called the Feingold diet. (after the doctor that did the study). There are a lot of people that have found seizure control from combining the ketogenic diet with the fail safe diet.

Learning experience and positivity aside.. I’m furious at myself for letting my guard down, for thinking we had beat this.. And for not researching a new ingredient.

When we get seizure control again… I will not be so careless the next time. We are 9 days of seizures (they started 2 days after the banana flavoring).

At our last keto clinic.. They have .diagnosed him with pseudo Lennox.. Also called atypical benign partial epilepsy. Actually there are a few types that are in the same family.. Rolandic epilepsy, Landau Kleffner, continuous spike and wave during sleep. Most of my  son’s abnormal eeg activity happens while he sleeps,.although there is no indication of it. With the type they think he has, kids almost always grow out of the seizures, but sometimes there are long lasting learning difficulties. I think because we started him on the ketogenic diet first, rather than antI convulsants… I think he will fare better than some



FOOD CHEMICALS:   Yellow Dye 5 (Tartrazine) and Other Synthetic Food Dyes…Consumers Wake Up to Coal Tar Dyes in Their Food and Don’t Like What They See


—> To learn about the scientific findings that have been uncovered worldwide on Yellow Dye 5 and other Food Dyes see our paper here: Research Findings on the Dangers of Synthetic Food Chemicals

and watch our video here:

Puke Yellow (or why you should avoid nasty Yellow 5 Dye)


Synthetic food dyes raise consumers’ ire

Years ago, most consumers didn’t read food labels or think much about the details of the ingredients in the foods and beverages they consumed.

That’s certainly not true any more. More people pay attention now, and the latest high-profile food issue has been about two chemical food dyes found in many foods, Yellow No. 5 and Yellow No. 6.



FOOD CHEMICALS:  No…Mountain Dew is NOT a Contraceptive (but Tartrazine [YellowDye5] can still be dangerous*)


The Truth About Yellow Dye No. 5


* / writes: The food dye Tartrazine [YellowDye5] found in Mountain Dew and many other processed food items has been linked in scientific studies and clinical trials with numerous adverse health effects including respiratory problems—especially for people with asthma and other bronchial-related health conditions, headaches, anxiousness, swelling/weight gain, insomnia, mood disorders, and in children, hyperactivity.  Please see our scientific review paper on our blog (front right side) for more information on Tartrazine, as well as food additives/preservatives Sodium Benzoate and EDTA—also found in Mountain Dew.



FOOD CHEMICALS:  Kraft to Remove Artificial Dyes Yellow 5 & 6 from “Spongebob Shapes Processed Mac & Cheese”


Kraft Agrees to Phase Out Artificial Dyes in Some Mac & Cheese Products

Food Safety News,  News Desk

After an online petition calling for the action drew more than 348,000 signatures, Kraft has reportedly pledged to remove two artificial yellow food dyes from its kid-friendly macaroni and cheese products and begin using paprika instead. The change will affect the company’s Halloween, winter shapes and SpongeBob Squarepants product varieties, but not the regular elbow-shaped macaroni and cheese with “original flavor.”

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Yellow Dye 5 (Tartrazine) common in commercial (non-organic) pickles


Beware of artificial food coloring chemicals in pickles - it’s what …

Beware of artificial food coloring chemicals in pickles - it’s what makes them appear more yellow.


Approximately 60%-70% of all dyes used in food and textile manufacturing are what are called azo dyes, processed from industrial waste. The ingredient responsible for the yellow color in many commercial pickles is the azo dye tartrazine, made from coal-tar derivatives. Many azo dyes are known to be mutagenic, meaning they cause mutations (changes in cell DNA). The National Cancer Institute has stated that mutagenic substances are carcinogens.