The sectarian gangs loyal to #Assad have committed this week another ugly crime.

The family “Atfe”: mother “Lujain”, father “Khaled Ahmad”, and the 5 year old adorable little twin “Laila” and “Leen” (in the photos) is an Ismaili (a minority in Syria) family was kidnapped first by Assad’s loyal gangs then they were killed. Assad’s sectarian gangs burned the bodies as well which were found on Thursday 3 October 2013.

The destiny of the father Khaled is still unknown, most probably he was killed too. Assad’s sectarian militia (Shabiha) was seen driving the car that belonged to the murdered family.

Family “Atfe” was living in a small city called #Kadmous #Tartus, just next to #Houla #Homs where a previous big massacre took place earlier this year and last year by the same pro-Assad militia.

In this tragedy, we find ourselves obliged to highlight the sectarian side of it to shed a better light on what has happened and been happening in Syria for almost three years. Not only Sunni people (as a majority) are being targeted and killed by this brutal sectarian regime, but also Ismaili, Christians and everyone just opposing it, it doesn’t really matter a minority or a majority as long as you oppose Assad’s oppression. This regime doesn’t protect minorities (a lie used by many countries supporting Assad, like Russia “Putin” and others), in fact it never protected minorities, and there are so many examples to count in this regard. Assad family protects their own interests only, they didn’t mind ruining a whole country for that. It’s time for all of them to leave Syrians in peace.. so that all Syrians build a new Syria. a free and a prosper Syria.

#SpeakUp4SyrianChildren #Syria

Lovely Morning from Safita 

Safita (Arabic: صافيتا‎) is a town in Tartous Governorate, northwestern Syria, located to the southeast of Tartous and to the northwest of Krak des Chevaliers. The city has a population of 33,000. It is situated on the tops of three hills and the valleys between them, in the Syrian Coastal Mountain Range. 

The city has been inhabited since the times of the Phoenicians, and several archaeological discoveries have been made, including Phoenician and Canaanite settlements.

8 of my friends have joined the Syrian Arab Army today, they sent me pictures of themselves in the army uniform when they reached their checkpoints, they asked me to publish these photos once they gain martyrdom.

Right now in Tartous the busiest building in the entire city is the Recruitment Branch of Tartous everyday 10s and 100s of young men are joining the army to defend our beloved country Syria.

So i tell the world and everyone who is fighting Syria, and for everyone who is betting on our patience to end, I tell you come visit the Recruitment Branch of Tartous and Lattakia and many other cities and see the high spirits of our young and old men.

We are nation that loves martyrdom, we will die and still we wont give up on our land, we will stand against the entire world for our country mother SYRIA.

God Bless Syria, god bless the purest land in the world with the bravest men god has ever created.

God bless our Syria Arab Army and of course our one and only leader President Bashar Hafez Al Assad.

These are only some of the #Assad gangs the #FSA has killed! Their pictures are hung up on the wall by the regime in Tartous.

حــــــــــــائط المبكى العـــــــــــــلوي
و تقـــــــــــــول جهنم هل من مزيــــــــــــــد

Abdul Qader Mustafa Jalool

A one and half year old

‪#‎Baniyas‬ ‪#‎Tartous‬

Day he’s killed: 3-May-2013

He was executed along with six of his brothers and their mom in the massacre committed by ‪#‎Assad‬’ forces in Baniyas. His Grandpa in the back of the photo was killed too.


A young man from Tartous, Syria kisses a military boot that has been but on display in a street, tied to a pedestal, and decorated with flowers.

This picture rightfully represents everything regime loyalists stand for. Recall the George Orwell quote:

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.

Regime loyalists, apologists, and self-claimed “neutralists" are knowingly supporting a brutal regime that runs its operations based on instilling fear in the general population, violently suppressing any forms of political dissent, and preferentially treating government loyalists while unleashing sectarian violence on its own people. Pictures like these embody the position regime loyalists hold in this time of revolution. 

This is what the martyr A’laa Deeb on his facebook page before he was requested to the Syrian Army to defend his land:

"Good Morning to our patriotic Syrian Arab Army, in these few days I will have to say goodbye to all of you guys because it is my turn now I’ve been requested to join the Syrian Army to defend this precious land ..Syria… and I will defend my leader and the leader of Syria president Bashar Al Assad.

When I first herd the news I was a bit scared, but when I thought of it a bit I swear to god I’m going with high spirit and I’m going under the slogan I used to say from the beginning of this crisis “To be or not to be, Assad or nobody”.

Our Syria is in need of us if Syria was not in need of us it wouldn’t request us.

Therefore, I hope you pray for me, I’m going and coming back inshallah if god wills and if it happens that I don’t come back and I got the honor of being a martyr, I hope you remember the good things about me and I want you to make me a nice funeral that would suit the name of a martyr and I want the funeral to be in my village Hameen Al Assad next to my uncle the martyr.

                                                        Assad for life”.

That was the message of the martyr, god bless you soul and inshallah you will rest in peace in heaven alongside all of our martyrs from civilians and from the Syrian Arab Army.

God Bless our patriotic Army.