Master high definition. Chisel your cheeks, refine your nose, and sculpt your jawline with this foolproof contouring tutorial for the four most common face shapes. RENEE TRILIVAS

1. IDENTIFY YOUR FACE SHAPE: Use the handy guide below to help determine yours.
OVAL: generally balanced shape; length is greater than the width.
ROUND: width is equal to the length; rounder hairline; fuller cheeks.
SQUARE: strong jawline that is boxed off at the chin; straighter hairline; cheeks appear more flat.
HEART: slightly wider forehead that gradually narrows toward the bottom of the face; tapered chin.

2. ADD LIGHT TO THE CENTER OF THE FACE: Draw the eye to the center of the face by creating an inverted triangle of light with a shimmer-free concealer or cream foundation. See the charts here for your exact placement.

3. ILLUMINATE THE AREAS YOU WANT TO STAND OUT: Apply the luminizer of your choice over the following areas for a lit-from-within radiance that highlights your best features.
OVAL: the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, from the browbones to the cheekbones in a C-shape, and the center of the chin.
ROUND: the center of the hairline to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones under the outer corners of the eyes, and the center of the chin.
SQUARE: the center of the hairline and the center of the forehead, above and below the outer edges of the brows, and the center of the chin.
HEART: the center of the hairline to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, above and below the outer edges of the brows, the chin just below the lower lip, and to the sides of the mouth.
TIP: Apply luminizer in light, buildable layers for refined illumination.

4. CONTOUR THE AREAS YOU WANT TO RECEDE: Sweep on your preferred contour shade on these specific areas to downplay prominent features and create natural-looking definition.
OVAL: lightly along the hairline and temples and under the cheekbones.
ROUND: the edges of the face, from the temples to the jawline, and in the hollows of the cheeks. 
SQUARE: the temples and from the hollows of the cheeks to the jawline.
HEART: the temples, the sides of the cheeks, and the chin.
TIP: Start at the edge of the face and work your way inward for subtle shading.

5. BLEND THE HIGHLIGHT + CONTOUR COLORS TOGETHER: Blur the edges of the highlight and contour colors into each other for a seamless finish using a brush or sponge.
TIP: Hold your brush toward the end of the handle to diffuse harsh lines.


MAKE UP FOR EVER / Sculpting Kit

MAKE UP FOR EVER / 158 Double Ended Sculpting Brush

NARS / Contour Blush

NARS / Contour Brush #21

SEPHORA COLLECTION / MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio

SEPHORA COLLECTION / Flatter Yourself Contouring Brush Set

TARTE / The Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush

BECCA / Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed

BECCA / The One Perfecting Brush


DOLCE & GABBANA / The Illuminator Glow Illuminating Powder

TARTE / The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer


Soft Grey Bling: Tarte Call of The Wild palette and Collection Glam Crystal glitter liner in 4 Hustle

I was trying out 2 products I bought recently and this was the result!

One is Tarte’s fabulous Call Of The Wild palette, which is super smooth and pigmented (although you need an eye primer for the matte shades or they dust right off, as many mattes do). The other is UK drugstore brand Collection’s famous glitter liner, in a multi-colored silver called Hustle. (I love this thing!)

This is a simple matte “smoked” eye that focuses on a dark socket line, and blinged out liner. The only trickier bit is probably the liner, which is stacked. The trick to not making a mess is always to dab your brush on the back of your hand to remove excess product before you touch it to your lid. This ensures you get the finest and most precise line possible.

Note: a bit of the text in image 2 got cropped off. The line is “Blend matte navy from outer corners up along the socket, and along the lower lash line.


Diorskin Nude liquid foundation 021

MAC Studio Moisture Cover concealer NW20

ClearLast face powder in Medicated Ochre

Tarte Call of The Wild palette (grey, navy and taupe shades used)

Collection 4 Hustle glitter liner (silver with multi-colored sparks) - try NYX or Urban Decay for similar alternatives

Heroine Make liquid liner

Clinique High Impact mascara in Black

Benefit Rockateur powder

Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Polish in Pop 5 (it’s branded as “Hypnotic Lips” here in Asia; don’t ask me why they felt the need to…)

The best way to organize makeup is in an Acrylic Storage Complex. You can always see what you have an play around more easily! 

You can see my other Acrylic Storage items like Drawers and Lipstick Holders here :) Make sure you visit the Light In The Box tumblr page to find more fun stuff like this! 

Sephora Sydney Launch Date December 5th

SEPHORA will be officially opening the doors to its first Australian Store December 5th which is located inside Westfield Sydney, Pitt St Mall.

To build up the anticipation of the launch Sephora will install a giant alarm clock out the store front that will be counting down to the offical launch starting Thursday 27 November. Sephora will also have brand ambassadors on site giving out free kits including Sephora mirrors and sunglasses.

On the morning of the launch day several fun activities will take place including music, entertainment, giveaways and until midday when the store officially opens.

For more information on the launch of Sephora Australia follow @sephoraaus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Brands that will be stocked at the multi-level flagship store (which will be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere) include:

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Time to Bloom 

When you’re dedicated to your career you spend a lot of time planting seeds and suggestions, and ideas and inspiration into the minds of others.  Hoping that one day, if you work hard and pay attention, those seeds will grow and everything will work out exactly as you imagined.  When that day comes, no matter the time of year, it feels like spring.  Celebrate with a gorgeous, feminine, fitted ensemble covered with an explosion of blooms.  When I think spring, I think sundress, with a fitted skirt or higher collar that can easily adapt to all seasons and be office appropriate.  The change from day to night is all in the accessories so to create a funky, daytime look try adding flashy boots and a two toned, dark, structured shoulder bag.  This dress can’t help but make you feel renewed and think of glorious, sunshine filled days to come.

 Dress: Tart Collections - Similar here  |  Bag: katherine kwei  |  Booties:Sixtyseven, Lulu’s



It was such a gloomy day today. But, I loved it. I got all fancy in my dress from Tart Collections. Shout out to them for being amazing! Celebrities like Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Minka Kelly, and Selena Gomez have been spotted in their stuff. 

This dress is so great because it’s classic. It’s can be dressed up for a wedding or dress down to go out! It’s classy, and it’s easy to style. I paired the dress with my fav clutch and pumps to make it super fun. The dress comes in pink too……which I LOVE. The pink one would be so cute with creme and gold accessories… OMG. 

Necklace - Topshop
Dress - Tart Collections (<—click for dress) 
Clutch - Alice + Olivia
Red Pumps - Alice + Olivia 

xx KAYKAY (spice or whatever)

Think all mascaras are the same? Think again, friend-o. Wands come in all shapes and sizes, and for good reason: They all do something different. In this Sephora Glossy post, we shout out beauty brands showing us never-before-seen winks. BECKY PEDERSON

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
There’s a reason the tagline for this baby is, “Bigger. Blacker. Badder.” The triple-black pigments in this formula yield some of the darkest lashes we’ve seen. The high-tech brush separates to hit every lash and build without clumping, so if you’re into intense eye-batting, this one’s for you.

Tarte Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers
Inarguably, falsies look great on everyone, but not all of us are down with putting glue on our lids. Enter: Tarte. The nylon fibers in the mascara primer build on and sculpt natural lashes so they look full and fluttery. The traditional-shaped wand is easy to wedge on the base of your lashes and pull through to the tip for a flashier look.

Lancôme Grandiôse
Ok, so, you know how horses have enviably long manes and eyelashes? Like, if horses were people, they’d be the prettiest people in the room, and you’d spend all your time secretly trying to mimic their looks? Well, Lancôme can’t help you with the mane, but they can help with the lashes: Their patented swan-neck brush is designed to intensify and fan out from root to tip without leaving behind mascara flakes.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Outrageous Curl Dramatic Volume Mascara
If you are plagued with short, thin, or stick-straight lashes, this is the mascara for you. Unlike typical curling wands that are concave and sometimes hard to wield, this wand is shaped like a rounded hairbrush so you can hit every lash from a horizontal angle. It provides so much volume, it’s like getting a blowout for your lashes.

Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara
Leave it to Josie Maran to reinvent the mascara formula. Hers contains natural argan oil and bamboo to boost lash strength and prevent breakage—all while promising up to 24 hours of wear. Also, the innovative five-sphered brush volumizes and curls for maximum sass.


LANCÔME / GRANDIÔSE - Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara

TARTE / Best In Faux Lash Extending Fibers

SEPHORA COLLECTION / Outrageous Curl – Dramatic Volume And Curve Mascara

JOSIE MARAN / Argan Black Oil Mascara

URBAN DECAY / Perversion Mascara & Deluxe Subversion Primer


I was requested by undeadcosmicunicorn to post an overview of my makeup collection and decided to do that for her today. I didn’t post everything (like my foundation and stuff like that) mainly because I was getting frustrated taking these photos hahaha. I still feel my makeup collection is tiny, but I’m working on making it bigger little by little :D

Take the guesswork out of finding your ideal lip shade. These clever formulas are spiked with ingredients that intuitively adapt to the chemical properties of your skin, causing an instant tinted reaction. Simply swipe on the color and watch as it self-adjusts to complement your individual one-in-a-million tone. Who knew science could be so glamorous?

Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint
A subtle hint of secret rose.

A pretty pink hue that’s all about you.

Dior Addict Lip Glow
A sheer trace to enhance your natural lip color.

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm in ROSY Glow
A flush of personal blush for lips and cheeks.

Sephora Collection / Color Reveal Lip Balm in Unique Pink

Tarte / LipSurgence™ Skintuitive Lip Tint

Dior / Dior Addict Lip Glow

Givenchy / Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm