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Photo by the talented, Calum Creasey who attended our first workshop.

At all times now I hear the darkness calling,
Yeah its closer than it was and I just cant ignore it,
So this is paranoia,
where every fingers pointed,
where everything looks haunted,
Yeah so this is madness for ya,
Its crazy something a man is born with,
or just some marijuana or the acid talkin,
Or the alcoholic in me, shit I wish I had the answers for em,
But all I know is that it has its claws in, and I just cant avoid it,
Now every shadow is a tarpet boiling over I’m so close for my back is cornered,
And if I had a small wish, I wish I had afford it,
but now its too late, cause everything is just too damn distorted,
Yeah, man I wish I knew what started all this,
I need some help and sure I cant afford it,
Nah fuck your help I need a lighter now to spark the joint, I’m fading away to the same place that Drapht was falling.
Seth is gone, death of storm, this the calm before it,
I’m just trying to summon the courage, to bite the bullet (do it)
The walls are talking, I swear to god this apartments haunted,
Could all this be paranormal? (Nah this is madness for you)
And so it goes without saying this is my last recording,
Cause if you’re hearing this now It means I must have done it,
First off I need to tell you how much I’m sorry,
I know that the news of my death was gruesome and hard to stomach,
I’m sorry too for those who end up in the bathroom scrubbing up the mess,
I guess I was clumsy, this shit was far too bloody,
Plus the blade it was blunt and couldn’t cut me properly,
I was in such a hurry its close and I cant outrun it.
—  Seth Sentry - Closer