The StuntHusband surprised me with a present on Saturday night! I had no idea the tarot deck Vanessa Ives uses in Penny Dreadful had been produced. Thank you again, StuntHusband!

This week: start 3rd watch-through of S1. Not that I’m swooningly in love with the show or anything. 

Tarot Card for the Day September 22


Card for the Day: Wheel of Fortune - A major change is in the works.  A karmic cycle comes full circle.  Fate moves quickly today. Pay close attention to big opportunities, old stuff getting shifted, and things that seem to happen “out of the blue.”  There are big forces at work.  Roll with it and you may get an unexpected stroke of good luck - or genius. 

WTNV Tarot


New beginnings, new thinking, new opportunities. New friends and co-workers. The excitement of starting new projects or new jobs. As the Aces represent beginnings, and the Wands represent inspiration and mental energy, this card in particular represents new ideas and plans. Traditionally, creation, invention, energy, birth, adventure. .”

Although we didn’t know it at the time, the first appearance of the blinking red light on the mountain marked the beginning of a massive expansion of WTNV’s world.  In a bit of meta-coincidence, it was also the episode in which I decided to start the project!

Canyon colors, how nice.

Check out the entire gallery of cards done so far!  I’m planning to complete an entire deck, each with original card art based off of elements of WTNV.

Watch on finofilipino.org

El “tarot del agua”

Enviado por Rafainaction.

Happy Autumnal Equinox, followers!

What a beautiful card to draw for this change in seasons. Not only do we have the suit of Pentacles, the suit of the Earth, but it’s a card of balance!

This is the perfect time to let go and, in return, give thanks for all you have. Abundance is the keyword here, but that doesn’t have to mean money. It can mean home, health, happiness, and family.

Remember to be kind to those around you and yourself. Again, remember to balance. As Mother Nature gives and takes, we do, too. Offer up that which no longer serves you to perhaps receive more personal wealth.

Be thankful. Frolic in the woods. Drink all the Pumpkin Spice drinks. Enjoy Autumn!

-Divine Trinity Tarot

Week of: September 21st-September 27th, 2014

Aries: 8 of Wands: This months proves to be very emotionally charged and a lot of going, you will have to stay on your toes and make sure you are ready to adapt. This week, Aries, will exist mostly in the emotional realm.

Taurus: 4 of Swords: This week is time for you to taste some humble pie, and make a truce with someone you didn’t expect to make a truce with. Make sure you think out the truce and make it fair for both parties. 

Gemini: The Magus: Now is a time for you to put theory into practice, and see just how much knowledge you’ve absorbed recently. Make sure you have all tools ready, and that when scrutinized, you will not be at fault for anything. 

Cancer: 3 of Disks: This week will be a week of hard work and labor, this is the week you need to plant your seeds for you to reap later on in life. Make sure that each decision you make is geared toward working for a better future. 

Leo: Queen of Disks: This week, you need to make sure that you are cautious of where you are spending your resources and that you are not wasting them when you don’t need to. 

Virgo: 6 of Swords: This week you need to analyze your beliefs with logic, make sure that you are understanding the WHY behind each of your beliefs, make sure they ring true with you, and that you aren’t just blindly following someone else’s path. 

Libra: 7 of Cups: This week is showing to be very emotionally draining for you, Libra. Stop trying to balance everything out and instead allow yourself to flow with each emotion and go with the flow of life. Otherwise you will be far too stressed to enjoy your week. 

Scorpio: Princess of Disks: This is the week where you are cleaning up your mess you’ve made of your finances, it’s time for you to pay for what you’ve purchased. Be diligent in your work, and it’ll go better than you can expect. 

Sagittarius: Ace of Cups: This week, you are on the top of the world, so to speak emotionally. You’re issues you’ve been dealing with emotionally will calm down and the waters will smooth out this week, you’ve earned this easy sailing, Sag. 

Capricorn: The Devil: This card is at home in your sign, Capricorn. Time for you to allow yourself to savor the moment and enjoy each experience as they come to you. Stop stressing about the future, and live in the present. 

Aquarius: 9 of Cups: This week you are walling on sunshine, Aquarius! Good for you! This week your emotions will be on the up and up while you savor the sunshine and feel the breeze. 

Pisces: 7 of Wands: Others are looking to you for support and direction, you are under scrutiny while others are hoping you will show others how to act and react to circumstances and situations. 

To Shift the Currents  - © S. Wilson - 2014

An older drawing from about 2012 - 2013 completed for an album that has long since been abandoned by its founding member. But, none the less, I’d found the drawing while going through some things and decided it might be worth the effort to go back to it, finish it, and allow the work to see the light of day.

I feel like this is overdue..

I ordered a couple tarot readings from arcanemysteries storenvy a couple weeks ago and was astounded.

First simply by the presentation of it.  cosmicmeditations told me when she got hers (by winning 2nd place in his recent giveaway) that it was like reading a magazine article.  I completely agree.  The layout of the reading is fantastic and just overall *nice* to look at. 

The reading itself though?  Ugh.  Perfect.  I asked him about three areas in my life and got amazing insight.  He brought up things that I really don’t talk much about, insecurities and frustrations that I generally keep to myself.  And it wasn’t just the daily annoyances we all complain about; he got right to the source.  I felt like he made this deep connection with me and it was.. I don’t know… it was like a burden being lifted.  That moment when someone truly recognizes the struggles you’re going through.. it’s such a weird sense of relief.  It’s like validation, getting permission to feel the things you’ve been hiding for so long.

And he gave me some really well thought out, useful, and practical advice and prompts, conveniently bullet pointed at the very end of the reading, so I wouldn’t forget it :) 

I would happily recommend getting a reading from arcanemysteries to anyone who asked. 

Arcane, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  You’re an amazing and compassionate reader and I appreciate the time, thought, and care you put into my reading. 

Much love <3 <3


Harmonious Tarot

So I was going through my new tarot deck, Harmonious Tarot. I love most of the artwork, but the King of Pentacles…


Uh uh honey. Just no.

I was shocked, then revolted, and just sat staring at it for ages thinking “Will I actually be able to use this deck?”The artist was Victorian, but that doesn’t excuse using this in a modern deck. I actually don’t think I will be able to use it, as I just can’t get past how horrible this card is. I might sell it, or I might just burn this card and use other cards as artwork. I haven’t been through the rest of the cards yet, but I hope there isn’t anything else as horrid as this.

Oh! I can’t keep it in any longer!

The Sweeney Tarot is now available in poker-size for people who have big ideas, small hands, and shallow pockets! I will have photos of them in this size when my copy comes in (hopefully tomorrow!) but until then, let this text post be my official announcement!

Tarot Reading for The Autumn Equinox


23rd September - The Autumn Equinox

The day and the night are now balanced, bringing forth equal measures of our intuition and logic. Nature is for now in a state of harmony until it’s energy shifts once more for the wintry months ahead. The Equinox is a perfect time to harness this balance into ourselves, focusing on personal growth and inner peace. The nine of wands symbolises the strength, stamina and confidence you may require to guide you through the darker oncoming months. As a symbol of preparedness, the nine of wands indicates that regardless of the recent difficulties you may have faced these past months, you are now in a position to persevere by remembering and learning from any previous emotional baggage; therefore enabling you to move forward with your life with a new self-confidence and harmony.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is undoubtedly within your reach.

anonymous said:

Out of all the tarot cards, which one do you think fits your character?

Major Arcana 16: The Tower.


The tower represents change, someone who holds on to an old security or some idea, presence, person or material that will eventually lead to a fall. This is not necessarily bad, but it can be. Someone who clings to security, or what makes them feel safe—feel good—will eventually see their “tower” fall. In ways, this can be seen as a fall from grace. And it can be. When wisdom must be forced upon you, or ignorance must be taken away, the tower manifests itself. 

In summation, The tower represents a person who is holding on to something that they need to let go of. It shows that this object or idea that the person is holding on to will lead to a falling. Something that was once there for you can no longer be there. 

For Holly, I think it shows how she clings to the life she was used to. It’s hard for her to forget that she lived on the streets and the tragedies that led her to where she is today. She doesn’t believe that she is more than that, and refuses to believe that she can be more than that. Holly clings to Selina and believes she can be some kind of a savior to her. Holly depends on Selina to help her to stop thinking the way she does but of course, out of fear she would lose Selina, Holly doesn’t tell her any of the feelings she might be going through. She is dependent on Selina for things that Selina can’t provide. Holly falls back on to her comforts, and has trouble breaking out of her bad habits. Holly has built a tower, eventually, she will not be able to keep it up. The tower will fall. It must fall, in order for Holly to mature. Holly has matured a little, and certainly now views Selina as much more of a human figure.

Mara’s Awesome TL;DR (bolded the stuff to show the main points): Sometimes it’s important to remember that cheese has saturated fats

Watch on graycloak.tumblr.com

Vyeomancy - Vye is a card game up on Kickstarter, and looks ripe for some divination experimentation :P 

They even include the base game free as a download for you to print yourself!! I’m sure some of the talented people here on Tumblr could work wonders with this ;)

What do you say, arcanemysteries, runewynd, queenofchalices … ;)