The High Priestess.

Listen to your inner voice. Trust the words spoken by your heart. Focus on self awareness. Do not be mislead by a waking world. Follow your subconscious. Be mindful of your dreams and symbols that may normally go unseen. The enlightened mind is one that chooses to share knowledge, it does not use knowledge solely for self serving purposes

anonymous said:

Can you do a tarot reading for baekyeol when you have time? I've always wondered about their relationship because it's seems so confusing.

I actually do have a Baekyeol reading already done. 

But to update that reading and give some new perspective on the current situation, I did pull a new card for them and it was the Knight of Cups. I’ve pulled the Knight in a reading that involved Baekhyun before, so I’m inclined to say that he is the member who had the tendencies described by that card. It’s a card of flirtatious fantasy. The knight is the type to put his beloved on a pedestal and fall in love with their every detail, perhaps even to the point of being emotionally smothering. I’m inclined to believe that these two are still very much in the phase described by the Hanged Man in the previous reading, but that one of the members (The Knight, who I am reading as Baekhyun) is ready to move out of that phase and into something more. The Knight often indicates that one partner is ready for something more serious. In friendship, this manifests as one of the members wishing to spend more time together (in their situation, meaning outside of work events). The presence of the Knight does not indicate any kind of solid commitment to the relationship, rather a desire to be close again. 

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Off to do a reading for a friends birthday and spend the rest of the day with the boyfriend.
Maybe I’ll convince him to buy me a deck I desperately “need.”
Have a wonderful day divining. :D