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my home has three redheads: me, kiyomi, and my hudad kai. we are also the three members of my pack most likely to spend multiple hours on the couch. coincidence…?


bonus pic:


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it’s a taro shiba hipstamatic wednesday. today, a health warning!


Health Warning, from Shiba Surgeon General to all humans; for immediate release:

Overexposure to shiba mind control may damage human willpower, vision, concentration, long-term mental health, and other mental faculties. To prevent overexposure, it is best to always comply with shiba mind control as quickly as possible.

Note: in the rare case that you are exposed to an episode of shiba mind control lasting more than four hours, feed the shiba, then seek immediate medical attention.


sounds like a serious warning. humans, in the interest of their health, had better heed the shiba suregon general’s advice.


bonus pic:

taro shiba using mind control to get a stick


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it’s a kiyomi shiba goofy photo friday! kiyomi looks like she’s falling asleep in the park…


bonus pics for today both have our housemate *trick in them:


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it’s a goofy shiba photo friday!


today’s goofy pic is my shiba-bro-in-spirit, zuko, on one of our new year’s hikes.


here are a couple of goofy pics of my own:


the good pics for today? well, you can choose a favorite for yourself. here are the two small sets of hiking pics (featuring rinji, mika, zuko & i), taken during zuko’s visit:


we still have our meetup pics to tag and name, but we should be able to share them next week!


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it’s a hipstamatic taro & kiyomi shiba wednesday. today (well, most days), kiyomi and i are watchdogs.


by this, though, i mean we are watchers of dogs at the dog park. we explore, but then we usually end up watching other dogs.


we’re really quite skilled at it, right kiyomi? if only dog-watching could result in more noms…


bonus pic: kiyomi sunbathes/watches other dogs.



One more day and I’ll take this town lake and turn it into the pacific ocean.


Or, I’ll just arrive in San Francisco for my vacation.


One of the two.


Choose whichever one sounds more impressive.


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it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday! today, i’m a shiba sandwich.


this week’s good pics:


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for taro shiba bad photo friday: it’s a photo of yours truly, squinting out over tempe town lake.


if you could read my mind: “that sure is a lot of water… i think i’m gonna be sick!”


of course, bad photo friday means you get a good photo to go with it. here’s an older pic of me on tempe town lake, in the morning light, looking out over the west waters:

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have a good weekend everyone!



it’s a taro shiba bad photo friday!

it’s me on the beach. and i sure do look like i have to sneeze!


sorry if you were hoping to see lots more pics today, but we’re still busy uploading and arranging photos from our trip last weekend to san francisco. this was just one of hundreds of shots. 


however, per usual, on bad photo fridays, when we show you the bad photo, you get a good one, too. that one will be up later this afternoon!


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