Okay! So! I wouldn’t call this a follow forever so much as I would a list of people I find admirable, talented, and wonderful in some way or another. I’m super selective with my follows and fickle about my dash so, really, it doesn’t seem fair to limit the people I care about or such to that list, especially when I’ve roleplayed with some awesome people in the past that I don’t really keep in contact with much anymore, you know?

     So, without further adieu: Kit’s Kinda Sorta Not Quite Follow Forever

The Princess

     There shouldn’t be any surprise here, really. It’s to be expected that the love of my life take precedence in something meant to be a show of loyalty, after all! Mm, I love her very dearly and she’s one of the most beautiful, talented, and charismatic people I’ve ever met. What is a prince without their princess?

                                                         { rolololal }

The Cavalier Quintet

     These nerds. I have no idea how I became acquainted with such awesome, sweet, and creative people but God if I’m not thankful for it. Every single one of you is one of my very best friends and I hope you don’t ever forget that. Here’s to a long life of getting into trouble with one another, yes? 

                        { brokenblueknight || scarletfighter || seyikyaku || tarjshia }

Roleplay Partners

     While I obviously can’t list every person I’ve rp’d with on all of my blogs, these are some of the more extensive interactions I’ve had or interactions I intend to further more over time. If you’re on this list and you don’t know why, it’s because you interact with one of my other muses! And, ey, even if we don’t interact more, you seem like a cool person! Obviously everyone here is pretty rad heck yeah.

{ sola—cordis || viola—odoratas || pockylovingmagicalgirl || incendiiunn || kaserps || amermaidslily || blazingthunderbolts || filiasusceptor || innocent-light || thewitchofsalvation || sailorvchan || kyoxko || homuchi || theunfetteredhero || mitakiharamuggles || fatalcertainty || strigoxica || knightxfjustice || sweetmurderdoll || txempo || chthylla || omekashinomajo || rifles-and-ojou-ringlets || missmadokakaname || aeternaminferni }

People I want to roleplay with

Chances are, I’ve been watching you from afar for a while now oops. These are people I haven’t yet threaded with but have really neat characters and seem like they’d be fun to get to talk to! Some follow me, some don’t, but either way they’re all koalatea.

{ cxtlass || felxs || rxseate || akaxhime || littleangelstrumpet || legendasalvatoris || incubxtor || amaranthshield || applesnatching || okaruto—no || afoolwithoutregrets || junesbiggestfan || xcaetus || pmknsongstress || justices-sword || amorisfatale }


These are folks that don’t have character blogs or I primarily interact with on personal blogs but, hell, are still super great. Some of them are close friends, others just post great content and I may not even be following them from this blog in particular. All in all, worth a look though.

{ thekusabi || dlartistanon || scissormeotoya || proktavia || triplezeroandapockerface || absoluteconfiguration || harukinky || nagimamis || silent-shanin || nala-suu }

    I’m sure I forgot like way too many people but this should cover a lot of them I hope. Keep in mind, if we’ve talked or interacted even a teeny bit, I probably think you’re super duper hella and want to get to know you even better! Everyone on this list is great but I’m grateful to each and every person who is following me right now because, hell, without you guys I’d just be some loser pretending to be a magical girl in a room all alone. 

Banner’s Original Art drawn by seyikyaku, commissioned for me, do not ask me for the original source for your personal use.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘What a craptastic banner wow can’t you do better than that?’ Well that takes effort and defeats the purpose of this post! Anyway, did you know that come last month, this blog became two years old? Through rocky periods of time of wanting to delete this muse, somehow I’m still here on this blog, wowee. I’ve watched some pretty fantastic people and RPers too, up to now.

These are all blogs I follow across several of my accounts, not just here. And many of you follow me back as well, even if not on this blog, on my other blogs, which I highly appreciate, and I’m glad that we mutually follow. I enjoy seeing you on my dash, and in some form or fashion, I do in fact think that you’re fantastic~ If I forget you, don’t take it personal. I probably just let it slip my mind, since I’m guaranteed not to remember every single url I wanted to place here, really if I follow you, I think you’re worth the follow, definitely. I’m also not gonna list all of everyone’s blogs. I may list a main muse of yours, or even your personal if I can’t think of that, so don’t worry.

The Cavalier Quintet

I consider you guys among my closest friends, really. We pretty much trust each other completely, and I’m really glad that we’re so friendly with each other most of the time, really. I know I can count on the four of them, and they of course, get the first spots on my FF.

seyikyaku scarletfighter rossofiore tarjshia

Other Special Mentions

Before anyone gets upset for not making it here, there’s sometimes just personal reasons I would list these users here. They’ve been nice to me especially, generous, helpful, they’ve spoken to me on more than just a few occasions and I feel comfortable with them, even if we don’t talk constantly. Fantastic blogs, I’d highly suggest checking them out~

pockylovingmagicalgirl viola—odoratas fortissimogold sola—cordis sakofishy amusementpantheon kyoxko augmentedjustice alwayswatching-neversleeping goldfreddy / askfreddy-fazbear rifles-and-ojou-ringlets legendasalvatoris kaserps knightxfjustice amermaidslily blazingthunderbolts nequedeam inlesbianswithistoria alae-vobis-fugere-mi strigoxica pertinax-virtus homuchi

PMMM Blogs

A grand little list of PMMM blogs I’m pretty much convinced I’ll never unfollow~ Even if we don’t RP (which we should of course) I still love seeing you on my dash.

incendiiunn thewitchofsalvation txempo clockwork-devil pragmaticlance amaranthshield sweetlycursed mami-kyuuseishu usureteku seekcaelum seacaelum theunfetteredhero breaking-the-boundaries innocent-light jackieszanymultiverse sayakatheknight lxebeundhass kikimiscmuses oculi-saliunca sxrosity fatalcertainty aeturnumfortis afrozensoldier orikotheseer 

Other Fandoms

Mentionable blogs from other fandoms! It’s always fun to branch out of your own fandom, after all!

toriningenchan taciturnxtactician sailorvchan jikankyo akiyama-san lightofdistortion littleangelstrumpet stupidcoolfinnparty bigballoffluff pokemon-deliverer 


Last but not least, some personal blogs I’ll list. Maybe they don’t RP but I still love their personal blogs, maybe I don’t know who to list as their muse even though they do RP, so I put their personal instead. Regardless, there they be.

almostadorablyinsane thekusabi kyoumado dlartistanon yamame-edamame shinoharaseiko vikutorikadeblois pepperbear sir-tortles binayo rolololal hinagiku-katsura 

[And of course Miki and Ely and the other nerds I met from Another’s fandom but they always change their urls who knows who they are now wtf guys]

Now I am definitely sure I missed loads of people. But like I said, if I follow you on any of my blogs, you know that means, I do in fact enjoy seeing you around. Thank you guys for still having anything to do with me, wowww~

list of cute people i know

more to be added

Do you ever start drawing something and it’s not supposed to be super detailed or anything but your brain does its own thing and 10 hours later you’re like wtf ive lost it

SO IT’S MY FRIEND TARJ’S BIRTHDAY!! SHE ISTURNING OLD everyone should go kiss her and call her cute and all sorts of nice things like that!!!

I drew her nerdlord kyoumami baby because she’s hella cute and I h op e tarj likes the thing I love you tarj mwah you rock 

fullview for best view

tarjshia said:

Chie and Yukiko are the power couple of P4. they are so important

This is why I don’t really pursue either of their romance routes, so to speak

Once, even when Chie was my girlfriend she talks a lot about Yukiko

and I’m just

RP List {Cavalier Quintet Exclusive}

The same notes apply here as they do the RP Thread List. These threads should still be listed on the other post, but I copied them into their own list as well, for specific reasons related to possible blacklist. This list only applies to the muses of: tarjshia, kyoumamisayas, scarletfighter, and seyikyaku.

-- Wow a guide

I say a lot of odd things here. 

  • psycho - Not meant as a derogatory term. Do not contact me about feeling offended for it, I’ve honestly heard it enough and explained myself enough ;;;;; This is ooc reference to brokenblueknight. Simply a nickname used by RP partners and friends when she was first made, and stuck.
  • nkyouko - proeliatorincendia
  • schizo - sakofishy's schizo!Mami muse, currently inactive(?). This Sayaka is familiar with her.
  • socio - old sociopath Kyouko muse run by a previous RP partner. Inactive. This Sayaka is familiar with her.
  • [partial statement of a url as a muse reference] - I do this to refer to a particular muse. If you wanna find out what muse I’m talking about, refer to my Muse Page linked to on this blog, and look where you see the nickname in the url (I.E. Ultrix refers to ultrixmare)
  • knight/chiv - chivalrousmelody
  • winged - musicafugae
  • sayakyouko - servatianima
  • saya!Mami - justimilitis
  • knight au - chivalrousmelody's timeline
  • cavalier quintet / quintet - rossofiore, tarjshia, seyikyaku, scarletfighter, brokenblueknight
  • wolf - amorfortuita
  • okami - wildlancer
  • inu - Harm’s loyalswordsgirl
  • OutOfMusic - my ooc tag that I (inconsistently) use across ALL of my RP blogs
  • Yuetchi - literally my nickname wtf
  • I don’t know what else to put here tbh
  • if you have any questions or don’t understand something actually you’re always free to drop by my inbox !!!
  • friendly reminder since I don’t know a lot of the time unless it’s an obviously private manner, please tell me if you want a private reply when you message me bc I’ll sit for ten minutes wondering if you’ll hate me for publishing a normal conversation