Flower Robe: Target (size s/m bcuz they’re huge)
Crop: Target
Jeans: FTF
Flower Crown: Walmart
Choker: Forever 21

So I’ve been wearing bright colors lately bcuz spring I guess. I realized I hadn’t posted in a bit, so here you go. 

I’m not sure how much I feel like writing today. I feel that I look like a typical festival goin’ tumblr bitch in this outfit. Ha whateva. 

Enjoy your springy weather. 

Pretty appalled by the encounter I just had in Target.
A woman was checking out with her husband. She proceeded to pull out a magazine with Bruce Jenner on the cover, where he had said he felt like a role model. She then laughed and said he’s no role model and shouldn’t think of himself as such.
Me: “I suppose none of us know how he feels, because we’re not in his position, but if he’s happy that’s all that matters and he’s helping other people like him”
A-hole lady: “I would never want him as a role model for my children, once you have kids you’ll understand”
Me: “actually I do have a son, and if he were in the same predicament as Bruce id want him to be comfortable being whatever gender he felt fit him best”
A-hole lady: “well I feel sorry for your child then to have you as a mother and think that that’s okay”
Me: “don’t-he has a mother who would accept him no matter what he did or how he felt. Bruce is an Olympic champion who is standing up for others like him and he’s comfortable doing so. And that’s great.”
A-hole lady then rushes out angrily.