Piero Taruffi Tarf-Gilera

The Tarf-Gilera (also known as the Italcorsa) was built in 1948 by the Italian driver and engineer Piero Taruffi. The unique machine sprang from Taruffi’s desire to build a car that embodied the features of a motorcycle, and its novel twin-pod layout carried its 500-cc, 120-degree V-Twin Guzzi engine and chain drive in the right pod, with the driver and fuel tank occupying the left one. The 50-hp engine breathed through an air intake in the nose of its pod, and all components were enclosed by beautifully crafted aluminum bodywork. It became the “Fastest 500 in the World” that November, traversing the flying kilometer at an average speed of just under 130 mph, one of six records it set that day… Read more

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The Sunlight Foundation tracks TALF Borrower connections to some of our biggest banks.

You may recall (or like most of us, you may not) that the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility program was set as a response to the financial crisis to help hedge funds repackage their student, auto, and commercial property loans into more sale-able bonds.

The rub here is that many of the funds that dipped into TALF funds had actually made quite a bit of money riding the downturn, which makes one wonder why they needed bailing out at all. The combination of loose eligibility requirements an the prospect of making use of $70 billion in tax payer dollars to finance their investments was no doubt too tantalizing to pass up.

More disturbing, about half of that $70 million went, indirectly, to seven of the biggget banks: Citigroup, Bank of America, Wachovia, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Discovery and American Express. Perhaps it goes without saying that many of these entities were already significant beneficiaries of the more well know Troubled Asset Relief Program, TARP.  

What you see in the data-viz above is a depiction of how the various alternative asset houses that benefitted from TARF funds link back to Bank of America, which was the second largest recipient of TARP funds - $45 billion worth.

Well worth a read of the full Sunlight Foundation piece, which includes a number of well wrought info-graphics that help cut through the acronyms and Wallspeak to show just how taxpayers money was spent.


كل مناظر العالم فيها وكل ما تشتهي العين
عرفتوا علاش نحب الجزائر جنة ربي فوق الارض
محمية طبيعية
القالة بولاية الطارف شرق الجزائر
El Kala la Wilaya d’El Tarf en ALGERIE - ALGERIA

كما وصفها الشيخ عائض القرني

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ترابها زعفران والربى حلل**منسوجه بيد من صنع باريها

طاب الهواء وراق الماء وارتجلت**حمائم الروض ابيات تغنيها

والشمس خجلى غمام الودق يسترها **حينا وحينا بوجه الحسن يبديها


Tarp Surfing - “Were so proud that after many years of video production we managed to get this little vid on the landing page of one of the largest creative networks on the planet as a staff pick right next to the Scissor Sisters new music vid. We received over 20,000 hits in 24 hours.”

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