Alright, fine.

Here are the blogs. Follow both, they’re good. Well, the one that’s not mine definitely is. I don’t know what mine’s like, ‘cause it’s mine, and I’m biased.

This is TARDISmonotony, and it is my blog. Basically… it’s the TARDIS complaining about being left out of adventures and whatnot. Mostly she reblogs stuff and comments on them. Occasionally she’ll do those GIF memes or something. She also pretends like she has way more followers than she has. Which is alright.

This is TARDISfml, and it is NOT my blog. It came into existence on August 29th, whereas TARDISmonotony began on August 31st. (CURSE YOU, OTHER WHOVIAN!). This one is HILARIOUS. It is pictures from the TARDIS, with her complaining about stuff the doctor does. No reblogs here, just original content. All posts are in the “Today, some crap happened. fml” form.

In summary - TARDISfml: original content, hilarious, depressed TARDIS. TARDISmonotony: combo of original and reblogs, occasionally funny, TARDIS who is not as depressed, but more “Really? This again?”

Just in case you’re looking for some more Doctor Who blogs to follow.

Today the Doctor abandoned Rose, Mickey and I on an empty, broken spaceship in the middle of nowhere while he went gallivanting about with a french woman he had met all of five minutes ago. After all I’ve done for him he left me in an instant; we could have been trapped there forever. FML.