The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular tour has launched, celebrating the music of the world’s longest running science fiction TV series. The tour takes place this week in six cities across the UK and will be coming to New York with Michelle Gomez this October! 

Here’s some photos from the tour so far, click each one for a description. 

Well, two years flew by didn’t it? Thank you to everyone who has hosted the TinyTravelingTardis, shared kind words and shared our project. For the next week we will be celebrating our anniversary with contests and giveaways so keep an eye out! And of course, I had to post one of our favorite pictures. Cause our followers took the TinyTravelingTardis to me Amy and the Doctor!! #drwho #tinytravelingtardis #allonsy #fantastic #geronimo #tardis #teamtinytravelingtardis #tttanniversay