Hot Kyoto's guy

WARNING: This will sound like a YA novel. But don’t hate me cause he’s sexy. Like really adorable.

Okay so I have blogged about this guy before. It was around november/december last year that I noticed the hot sushi guy at Kyoto’s as I like to call him. I was kinda shocked and delighted by my new found eye candy. Though my friend didn’t think he was cute at first because of his hair but I was like ‘he could get it either way.’ Therefore I started going to Kyoto’s more 1) because I love the food 2) hot guy always a plus. Over winter break I kinda forgot about him and how hot he was. But today I went to Kyoto’s for lunch and OMG, boy is finer then I don’t know what. It’s literally hard for me to function when he’s just there and right in front of my eyes to stare at. My friends notice when i am not following the conversation cause I just stop talking and stare. lol. Now my friend tara is like oh Jade he really is cute. I was like I told you! Then he came from behind the counter to the soda machine and “grabbed some water.” I put that in quotes because he took longer than needed to get the water and stared at me and tara half the time. (Mariela was in the bathroom) Like blantly stared. I was seriously


Ugh he’s adorable. Plus we were kinda loud but its always that way when tara, mariela and I get together. We can’t help it. hehe. I guess those are my adventures for the day.

I'm gonna be honest

I’m not excited about this school year. I’m ready for college to be over. I partially feel like I have no friends. (I think that may be because one of my closest friends went to ohio). It was like this my junior year of high school I’m not excited about anything and i kinda feel like a loner and nobody loves me. Ugh. I need classes to start to so i can ignore how i am feeling. I probably need my tara and mariela time too. I need lunch dates with my girls and looking at cute boys.

My friend told me I was in a dream she had

And she said in the dream we were checking out hot guys. Which we do everytime we hangout out not unusal at all. Then she told me when I saw a hot guy I said, “He could get it.” ahahahahahahahahahahahaha Everytime I think about that I start cracking up becuase I really do say that. And even in people’s dreams I’m crazy.

I told you followers he's too hot for my brain to function correctly!!!

tarastars replied to your postHot Kyoto’s guy

omg i was LOLing the whole time. he’s too hot to function, with his “i’ll just stand here and look pretty” look going on every time we go there XD but he sure does make that place 44583845793475x better lolz

I swear he knows I have a thing for him. He fucking KNOWS!! But I have no regrets. He does the moody cold thing just for us tara he really does.

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AWOLNATION - Sail (by AwolnationVEVO)

this song = my new love

if you have never heard it before give it a listen