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taralikes, -harrystyles, its-lirry, cherlloydkid, 1dheart, silent-inspirations, 1directionxo :D

taralikes, This will sound weird, but I guess I class her as an “almost-friend” because although we don’t talk, she’s closest to people on here that I’m closest to and she’s been following me for a while and always reblogs my posts, so yeah. I like her :)

-harrystyles, Love Char to the moon and back.

its-lirry, Love Chelsea to the moon and back.


1dheart, Aggie is a beaut. Sweetest girl I know, she’s never got a bad word to say about anyone or anything… I think we need more people like that in the world. I absolutely love her!<3

silent-inspirations, Erm, that’s me? :L

1directionxo, already answered!

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Tara:  you’d only have half a penis though… imagine it being cut in half ew why would you want that

erm well yes I am pretty disturbed xxxx

& I think Irish boys are pretty cute? :( really, I love all boys.