Okay but little baby battle rams living on the sides of Erebor though.

Dwarves having a serious conversation on a balcony and suddenly a few baby rams go bouncing by.

Thorin walking the ramparts and feeling a tug on his cloak and turning around to see a little ram chewing on the end.

Don’t talk to me about how Thorin raised Fili and Kili.

Talk to me about how Dis did it.

Talk to me about how she raised them by herself while her older brother worked to get their kingdom back. Talk to me about how when Thorin made sure Fili understood his role as heir, Dis made sure he still had the chance to be a child.

Talk to me about she was always there to kiss their boo-boos better and keeps a big bed to make sure all three of them will fit when one son has a nightmare.

Tell about how Dis raised her boys to fight, standing out in the middle of the practice ring, showing them both how to hold a sword. Or how she gets lost in her memories when Kili picks up a bow, looking too much like the Uncle he never got to know.

Or about how she was the one who taught them to hunt and smiled so wide it hurt her cheeks when Kili caught his first rabbit. And how she teaches them how to clean and cook their kills.

Tell me about the boys wanting to learn smithing and Dis taking them to see Thorin work and bursting with pride when Fili takes to it like a fish to water. And how she shows Kili how to fletch his own arrows when he doesn’t.

Talk to me about how she made the best birthday cakes and the best swords for her sons.

Talk to me about Fili inheriting her looks and Kili getting her mischievous spirit.

Talk to me about how Dis, their mother, was vitally important to the boys turning out like they did. Talk to me about how she birthed them but they gave her life after she’d known so much death.

The Sound of Productivity

Here are some websites with ambient sounds for a zen study session:

Rainy Mood makes a cosy thunderstorm out of your speakers. 

Coffitivity gives you the ambience of a busy coffee shop. 

If you like the instrumental music, try the XX’s 10-hour loop of Intro or The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place by Explosions in the Sky. 

Ambient Mixer provides you with playlists of ambient sounds according to your tastes. 

Send me a number and a pairing/ot3 and I’ll write a few hundred words

  1. "are we both (or all three of us) robbing the same house oh fuck" 
  2. accidentally broke into your apartment because i was drunk
  3. detention on a saturday afternoon
  4. our friends put us on a blind date
  5. car broke down and hot local(s) fix(es) it
  6. we’re the only ones who didn’t get the email about class being canceled
  7. we both (or all three) got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories
  8. stuck-in-an-airport-because-the-flights-were-SO-VERY-delayed-and-it’s-like-two-am
  9. high school teachers AU
  10. college professors AU
  11. hurricane during a beach trip
  12. snowed in
  13. scared of flying
  14. firefighter AU
  15. the new handyman’s hot so I’m gonna keep breaking stuff
  16. being locked in a room or trapped in a small space
  17. accidentally picked the wrong seats in an airplane/theater
  18. who’s a better kisser
  19. apple picking
  20. werewolf and their shifter(s) that keeps them company during the full moon
Your friends that you make in high school won’t be your friends for life.
—  This is bullshit. This is complete bullshit. Yes you will go to college and meet amazing friends that will probably remain in your life forever and come to/be in your wedding, but that in no way means you don’t keep your high school friends the same way. My dad still does stuff with a guy he’s know since like middle school. My mom still goes on vacations with her high school friends. And my little circle of friends is so fiercely close it’s ridiculous. My very best friend is my soulmate. That is something with both agree on and believe in with all our hearts (and no we are not romantically involved. He’s gay so your point is null and void). Don’t listen to this. Don’t tell it to someone either. It genuinely freaks people out to think about losing the people they love the very most in this world. Okay? Okay. Thank you.

so i broke up with this guy once who was really obnoxious and then i was talking to this girl about it and she wrote a song that said “your mood changes like your hair color and that’s a lot, you always smell like pot” and to this day she is my best friend