Visa Issues Scuttle Topix’s Acquisition Of Taploid, Gossip App Will Now Shut Down Amid Funding Crunch

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It’s a tough day for The Taploid and its plucky founder Redg Snodgrass. H1-B Visa issues for the startup’s UK team soured a buyout by city forum site Topix, and investors have pulled out forcing the tabloid app to shut down and the team to scatter into consulting jobs. It’s a sobering moment that illustrates why the U.S. needs to fix its startup Visa situation, and that the funding crunch is real. @suryaray
Meet our startup antipode

We just discovered a nice tool called Taploid, that has been launched today at the DEMO conference. This is the gossip tabloid for the digital age, according to The Next Web.

‘Using clever technology, we analyze your social net­work to give you funny and positive stories about your friends. Sometimes it’s even hilarious’, Taploid explains. The Taploid takes a friend’s social data and turns it into a personalized gossip magazine, full of silly gossip, and funny interactions centered on a user and their social networks.

We find this really interesting, because it is the direct opposite of what we do, you can think of our startup as the antipode of Taploid. Nine connections filters out all the babble and gossip from your social network to give you the most relevant and important news stories fast.

There are times when you need top-quality and interesting news stories; better information is key to individual’s (professional) life, and for a democratic society. Nevertheless, reading gossip stories about your friends and laughing at funny cat pictures is almost as important, to relax after a hard day’s work. There are proven psychological and social benefits of gossip. Reading gossip and fluff stuff switches off the stress so you can process all the useful information of the day. So welcome Taploid, we wish you all the luck in the world.