Last summer, I took a series of lessons from a teacher at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. I didn’t have to, but I did, because of the limited opportunities for tap education in my hometown. Ever since I started learning, I’ve really been thinking outside of the box in trying to find ways to learn to tap, whether it means taking private lessons or classes or going to workshops, and have been very aggressive and persistent in my pursuits, almost to a fault. I concede that there might be a time that I overdo it and will be so persistent that it drives people away. It’s not my intention to do so; I’m just so passionate about tap, and that passion is what drives me every time I put on my shoes and dance. Furthermore, God has put it on my heart to do something with tap to give praises to Him and also to help teenagers and young adults who have never tap danced (or even danced in general) to discover it, tap into that potential, and build up a passion for it. I believe that dance doesn’t discriminate against people. It knows no age, race, gender, creed, experience level, or talent level. Anyone can learn to dance and dance well, if they show that passion for it and work hard to be great. Tap is the same way. I started as an adult, and God has helped me find a way to use tap to discover who I am as a person and my purpose in life. And in addition to my career in academia, I want to be able to help others discover it as well. #tap #tapdance #dance #discovery #GodsKingdom #tapdancer #TappingForJesus #tapdancing #dancer #tapper #teamtap #TapItOut #taplife #PassionForTapDance #dreams #aspirations

If Robin Williams would have known FasterEFT and Me

Could have FasterEFT helped Robin Williams? I believe so…I’ll share why…First of all…he was Brilliant - Simply Brilliant - He was and will forever be perfectly aligned with his own misery; Robin Williams : The story of his life : When Dreams May Come

Be Still My Heart while laugh I must at this Genius! Robin Williams : Humor is not defined by what we think we see, but what we feel we connect with : BirdcageRobin Williams - So much of what I know of you within me swells like the roar of laughter I know all too well from the pain hidden deep to the love inside (It’s All About Love - Patch Adams) .

I learned to love myself with FasterEFT (Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations), after years of coping or seemingly coping with depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, disassociative identity disorder, multiple personality disorder, physical and emotional breakdowns, chronic pain, female issues, mental breakdowns, and other emotional issues. I was on the verge of suicide months before finding FasterEFT. It was what saved me from the brink of being lost, alone, and dead.

It’s what we learn to release and let go by going back to what we know within each of us and changing what was for what is as we choose to know it to be. (Hook is about one final go-round as a child before finally saying good-bye to it forever.)Find the child in you and make peace with all that isn’t peaceful. Under all the misery, humor, pain, etc. that we believe to be true is the number one Universal Truth - Love - it’s the Sweet Stuff of Life. And so it is good-bye to your physical form Robin Williams - and I leave you all with this…

(Aladdin (1992) Williams didn’t want to voice the genie for this Disney classic at first, and was only brought around after being shown an animation test reel set to his stand-up routine. Then, during his recording sessions, he asked if he could put aside the script and ad-lib some lines. And thus, Williams improvised something like 50-plus characters as Genie and created one of the most indelible characters in animation history. He reportedly improvised so much that the film was denied a chance at a Best Screenplay Oscar nomination because of it. Williams’s initial skepticism would turn into a kind of love for the part. He told Little White Lies in 2010: “I once watched Aladdin, I snuck into the back of a family screening of that and it was kind of like that moment in Sullivan’s Travels where I saw parents just laughing with their kids and I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s kind of sweet.’ I’m proud of that.”)






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