A taʻovala is a Tongan dress, a mat wrapped around the waist, worn by men and women, at all formal occasions, much like the tie for men in the European and North American culture. The ta’ovala is also commonly seen among the Fijian Lau islands, a region once heavily influenced by Tongan hegemony and cultural diffusion. According to a Tongan story, a group of Tongans once arrived by boat at the Tuʻi Tonga, but they had had a rough ride and their clothing, if any remained, was not respectable. They cut the sail of their boat (Polynesian sails are also mats) in pieces and wrapped them around. The king was so pleased by the sacrifice they had made to him of their expensive sail, that he ordered this dress to be court dress from then on. #Taovala #Tonga #culture #traditional #Polynesia (Taken with instagram)

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Benjamin Work explains with the help of Favine Fakahau Lumsden ,the basics surrounding the Tongan Ta’ovala.

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today was one of the most important Sunday’s in the calendar. today was White Sunday. It’s good to see all the little guys dressed up in their tongan outfits and here to show their dedication and commitment that they have been practicing for over two months, learning to sing and some of the most important verses and teachings in the native tongue. 😊
Jesus Christ said, the children are pure and innocent, let them come unto me ; #Church #Sunday #Mamonga #LDS #WhiteSunday #ChildrensSunday #LauLesoni #Tongan #Sydney #CTown2ndWard #Taovala (at Mormon Temple)