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I think he maybe didn't tell them to not destroy the atmosphere since they were promoting and everything is always caught on camera... but we will probably never now. I do no trust SM at all so... who knows what they did and will do. It's just sad that Hangeng wasn't enough.

i hope kris is going to handle everything and sm won’t do anything bad to him. guys i just woke up and such news hit me. i can imagine how fans are feeling. and what sucks is that we don’t know so many details. guys let’s stay strong and support kris. i don’t think he would ever want to hurt  the band. 

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Proud of you :) I also hate phone calls but the more often you do them the easier it gets, I promise ;)

;__; Thank you bby, you’re the sweetest ♥
I hope that it get’s better because I can’t even call relatives or friends without being nervous and a little scared, omg.
Let’s get over the phone call fear together! >o< ♥

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Shinee :)

Bias: Key and Taemin sdhfjs

Favourite song/era: owh gawd this is really hard hmm… Lucifer era because perfect adksfj , Fav song of theirs right now is Orgel ((its one of my fav songs in general cause its just so beautiful ))

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12 and 14. (BECAUSE I THINK I REALLY DON'T KNOW. I could imagine a color but.... :D)

12. What is your favorite color?

Uuuuuuuuuh I like a lot of colors otl but burgundy, green, navy blue and teal/pearl aqua

14. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Green tea, red bean, and coconut pineapple UGH NOW I WANT ICE CREAM


taoq replied to your post “taoq replied to your post: taoq asked:I JUST GOOGLED AND IT … I am…”

Es fühlt sich nur seltsam an hier auf Deutsch zu schreiben :P Also er steht morgen zumindest mit drinne, bisher steht er nur bei Teamergebnissen? http://ard.br.de/olympia-sotschi-2014/athleten/yuzuru-hanyu-100.html

gut okay dann muss ich morgen wirklich mal schauen aber freitag müsste er aber dann auch laufen. ja is komisch aber ich war grad nur mega faul soz