Assignment 008: Go somewhere you’ve never been

I’ve not mentioned it yet, but The Art of Getting Started is being published in the UK by Simon & Schuster. Which is really exciting news and I’m sure I’ll write more about it in the future. I went down to London for a meeting with S&S yesterday, which again was really exciting.

After the meeting I went for a walk in the torrential rain and bought a pulled pork burrito with extra guacamole from wahaca’s food truck, which I’d never been to before.

The dude in the truck seemed really happy about making burritos, really happy that I liked it as spicy as it could be, and really happy about life in general.

He said “I love how burritos look when they’re finished”.

So do I.

I ate it sitting under a bridge and it was pretty amazing.

This rain soaked receipt is my souvenir of a place I’ve never been before.

Submission by Lee Crutchley

Assignment 008: Go somewhere you’ve never been

so in the town i moved to recently, there is a used record store. i went there for the first time today, because i FINALLY got a record player for myself. it was my “you started a new job hooray for you and hooray for adulthood!” gift. to me.
and what better place to begin one’s collection of vinyl than at a store where they write phrases like “over yonder” on the signs?

Assignment 008: Go somewhere you’ve never been

I’ve lived in the same fairly small town for most of my life so it took me a while to go somewhere I’ve never been. Tonight I went to see the lovely Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman in a local village hall though, which was lovely. All I have to show for it is the pictures I took as unfortunately I didn’t have enough money on me to buy a CD so that’ll have to wait.

Assignment 008: Go somewhere you’ve never been

I’ve been there before (to photograph the outside of the building) and the museum part… but never inside the theater. Contemporary Dance by Marie Chouinard “Prelude to the afternoon of a Faun” and “The Rite of Spring”…. I’ve never been into dancing at all…but this blew my mind. Highly recommend it.