129. I always see gif hunts of Zoe Sugg so I decided to do one of her best friends, Tanya Burr. She's amazing, I love her and her videos are amazing and her relationship with Jim is so adorable. I want a relationship like that. And maybe I'll do a gif hunt of Jim Chapman. Includes all type of gifs, but I'm pretty sure there are more small gifs than all the others. None of those gifs are mine, credit goes to the rightful owners. I don't care if you're a rph blog or whatever, just let me know if this has helped you by liking/rebloging.


Together Again! 

*A Joe Sugg imagine*

~Not my gif~

What your wore~

It was been almost 3 month since you’ve seen Joe. You guys hooked up when him and a few of his friends came to L.A for something. But that hook up wasn’t just some “Hook up.” You met Joe when he did a video with one of your really good friends, Tyler Oakley last time he was here. He is coming back for Coachella in 2 days! You were so excited and couldn’t stop talking to Tyler about him. 

“So what time are we getting the boys at the airport??” You asked fanatically to Tyler. 

“Around 9:30 P.M on Wednesday!“ He said also excitedly. 

“Are you just as excited as me?!” You asked Tyler. 

“Of course girl! I love Joe and Caspar, and Oli! They are the best people ever. But i bet your even more excited to see Joe.” He said flirty like. You got red and laughed. 

“Well just sit back and relax because you are going to have an amazing time at Coachella with them, and you get to stay in that great big mansion with them.” You sat back and relaxed and let the days run by. 

Wednesday at 7:30 p.m

Once it hit 7:30 you got into the shower and to ready to go get Joe and the boys. He didn’t think you were coming because you told him you were sick. You wanted to surprise him. 

‘We will be landing soon baby girl. I will come see you once we drop Oli, and Caspar off at the house. I’m coming back with Tyler. I love you! Fell better love. Cant wait to see you! xoxo’ You got a text from Joe. He smiled and got even more excited. You had butterflies in your stomach and couldn’t wait to see his surprised face. You had you bag packed and so did Tyler. You guys packed the car. Tyler fixed his hair and grabbed a few snack and water for the ride to LAX! 

*Joe’s POV*

We were just landing. I was kind of sad that Y/N could come stay with us and go to Coachella with us. That was the biggest thing i was looking forward to coming to America. But I’m going to make the best of it. At least i get to see her and spend some time with her. I also came here to have fun with my friends, and I’m going to do so! 

“You may no unbuckle and thank you for flying with us.” They flight attendant said. i hit Caspar to wake him. 

“We are landed!” I told him. 

“Alright, Alright I’m up.”He said stretching. He put his laptop and things in his bag. 

“Oli you good?” I asked to Oli behind me. 

“I’m good.” He said standing up and stretched. so did I and Caspar. We walked to the front of the plane waiting for people to pile out of the air plane. We made it out and made it to get our suit cases. Then he slowly made out way to where Tyler said he was picking us up. Which was at the front of LAX. But we got stopped by a few fans, took pictures, got things, and signed thing. We made it to the escalator that led to where Tyler was getting us. I saw a sign that said 

‘the English youtubers here!!’ with a arrow pointing downward. I looked down to where the arrow went and i couldn’t believe my eyes! It was Y/N she stood there looking as beautiful as ever.

 “Go get her man!” Caspar said. I ran down the escalator passed everyone and to her, picking her up in my arms and swinging her around. 

*Y/N’s POV*

We made it to LAX and parked the car. I grabbed the sign Tyler adn I made from the back seat. It read

‘English Youtubers Here!!’ We waked in and waited at the bottom of the escalator that they were suppose to come down. 

“I have butterflies.” You told Tyler. 

“That’s good hunny.” he said smiling and rubbing your back. You felt like you were going to cry tears of joy when you saw him and hugged him. 

“I think I’m going to cry when i see him.” You told Tyler.

“Aww! Don’t do that! “ Tyler said hugging you. You smiled and held your sign up once you saw a few teenage looking bodies coming down the escalator. It was them. Joe looked at you with a huge smile and huge eyes. Caspar said something to him and he came bolting down the stairs and to you. He picked you up and swung you around. You started to tear up. 

“I missed you so much!” He said. 

“I missed you to!” Yous aid sniffling. You wiped your eyes and he smiled and put you hair behind you ear, and kissed you. You smiled threw the kiss and hugged him after. 

“Aww you guys are so fucking cute!!” Tyler said. Joe pulled away and looked at Tyler. 

“Hello Tyler” He said giving him a hug. Oli and Caspar were behind Joe. 

“Cas and Oli!” You said smiling. They  both smiled you gave Caspar a hug and then Oli. They gave Tyler a hug and then grabbed their bags. 

“You guys ready to go to the house?” Tyler asked. 

“Hell yeah!!” Joe, Oli, and Cas said. Joe threw his arm around your shoulder and walked out the doors behind Tyler.He kept looking at you on the way there. You guys got to the car and the guys put there bags in the back and you guys piled into the car. Caspar sat in the front seat. You, Oli and Joe sat in the back seat. He leaned your head on Joe. 

“Be ready when he get our room.” He whispered in your ear. You smiled and got all red. You kissed him and he smiled through it.You guys had a long road ahead of you probably wouldn’t get there till around 10 or 10:30.So you took a little nap on Joe’s shoulder. 

You guys finally got to the house and Oli woke you up and noticed Joe was also asleep.

“Joe” You whispered and lightly tapping him. You moved his hair out of his face. He slowly woke up and stretched while doing so he hugged you tightly. You smiled. You guys got out and grabbed your bags. Joe was still half asleep and slowly walking. We walked into the huge mansion. 

“Wow!” Tyler said. We laughed  and then walked to the rooms. You and Joe took the combining room with Cas, and Tyler took the combining room with Oli. You pulled out Joe’s vlog camera and vloged for him as he laid down on the bed almost passed out.

“Y/N here! We have just made it to the Coachella house, or should i say mansion!  This place is huge. Joe has already fallen asleep. I think he has really bad jet lag, so I’m going to let him sleep. Lets go check up on Oli and Caspar!” You said to the camera you walked threw the door that led to the chill out area between yours and Caspar’s room. He was in his bathroom so you hid under his bed with the camera.

 “I’m going to scare him. SHHH.” You said to the camera. He finally walked out of the bathroom once he got close to his bed you grabbed his leg and he jumped and screamed. You laughed and laughed. 

“Oh my gosh ! “ He yelled. You laughed and crawled from under the bed. 

“I’m sorry it was a perfect opportunity! I love you Cas! Goodnight” You said hugging him and then going to Oli’s room. 

“Goodnight Y/N!” Caspar said. 

“Oli, Oli, Oli WHITE!!!” You sang going into his room and jumping on his bed. 

“What are you doing Oli?” You asked him. 

“I’m just finishing up editing my video, and then going to bed.” He said looking at the camera. 

“Alright well I’ll see you in the morning! Nigh Night!!” You said hugging him and then going back to the room. 

“Well goodnight guys! Joe will probably make a house our vlog tomorrow so get ready for that! Love you bye!!” You said and then putting your hand over the camera lens. You turned the camera off and then put it away. You changed and then climbed into be with Joe. You cuddled up to him and he put his arms around him. 

“I love you baby girl. Goodnight.” He said kissing your cheek and falling asleep. 

You guys got to the house about 4 days earlier then Coachella. SO you guys could enjoy the house and hang out by the pool and have a good time.

*The Next Morning*

You woke up before Joe did. He was still sleeping like a little baby. You smiled at him and slide out of the bed grabbing your clothes, and make up bag and going to take a shower. You ran into Caspar on the way there. He stood tall shirtless and in his ‘wheres waldo’ pants. 

“Morning Cas” You said hugging him and backing up.

“Good morning darling. How’d yous sleep?” He asked running his bed head hair and walking back into his room. You followed. 

“Good. Best I’ve slept in a long time!” You said smiling. He pulled out his vlog camera. 

“Joe not awake?” He asked. 

“Nope hes still asleep.” You said. 

“Sweet. Well later maybe today or tomorrow want to do a video with me?’ He asked. You smiled in excitement. 

“Yes!!” You said excitingly. He smiled and turned his camera on. 

“Alright lets do an intro for my vlog!” He asked. You set yourself up and you guys did the intro. 

“Alright I’ll see you later. I’m going to go take a shower! Love you guys!” You said and kissed his lens and walked out. You went to the big bathroom got undressed and walked into the show cave. You took your shower got out and wrapped yourself in your towel. You were really short, shorter than Joe and you couldn’t reach your hair product that was in the cabinet. Someone must of moved it. 

“Caspar!” You yelled. 

“Yeah!!?” He yelled back. 

“Can you come help me?” You asked. You heard him get up and walk to the bathroom. 

“I need that.” You said. He stretched and got in without a struggle.

“Thanks boo.” You said and he walked out. You shut the door and locked it. Getting dressed, fixing your hair and doing you make up. You finished and walked out. 

(What you wore)

You walked passed Oli’s room and heard him vloging. 

“Oli, Oli, Oli White!” You sang walking into his room. You scarred him a bit when you did it. 

“Well good morning sunshine.” He said still having a sleepy face and laying i bed.

“Good morning.. Bye!!” Yous aid laughing and walking out. You walked into your room and Joe was still asleep.You crawled into bed and under his arms so now you were face to face with his sleeping face. 

“Joe..” You whispered. 

“Joeeee..” You whispered again and then kissed him. He moaned and fluttered hi beautiful blue eyes open. He woke up with the biggest smile on his face. 

“Good morning beautiful.” He said hugging you tighter and resting his forehead to your forehead. 

“Good morning sleepy head. I’m already up and showered and ready for the day.” You told him. 

“Well you look beautiful.” He said smiling and kissing you. You smiled and rolled him over on his back and straddled him. He smiled up at you. He stretched and laid his hands on your thighs. 

“So what would you like to do today?” You asked tracing a figure on his naked chest. 

“Well tonight have a little bone fire/party. Have a BBQ and hang out, But today I know Cas and Oli wanted to go to the mall and go shopping so was maybe planning on going there with you and have a  good day with everyone.” he said looking up at you with his beautiful bright eyes. 

“Alright well you better get you little butt out of bed, take a shower and get ready.” You said leaning down and kissing him. He didn’t let you go.

“But i don’t want to get out of bed.” He said. You laughed and hugging you tight. 

“Oh I want to join!” You heard Caspar yell from behind you guys. He jumped into bed next to you guys.

“Come on Joe babe! We gotta do you house tour vlog baby!” Caspar said flirting with Joe. He laughed and turned back to you. Caspar laid in the bed on his phone. 

“Alright darling I’m going to go take a shower. I love you and I will be back.” He said kissing your nose and sliding out fro under neath you. He got up and stretched his sexy fit body. You looked the whole time and smiled when he looked at you. He grabbed a towel and went to the bathroom. 

“Selfie!!” Caspar yelled leaning over to you. You took the selfie and he uploaded it to Twitter and Instagram.  You pulled your vlog camera out and started you daily vlogging.

“Hello my sexy viewers!! Y/N here with another vlog.” You said to the camera.

“Caspar Lee here to!!” Cas said putting his head in the shot and laying his head on you shoulder. 

“Yes and Caspar is here. Joe is in the shower, and Oli,I don’ know where Oli is. I think he is in his room. Caspar. Lets go scare him.” You said quietly. Caspar got excited and hoped out of the bed and then you did also. You guys creep-ed out of the bed room and to Oli’s room. You guys stood in the door way and Caspar got on the ground and ran at Oli. He screamed and you guys laughed. 

“Love you Oli.” You said after walking out of the room with Caspar. You talked to the camera about random things while laying in your bed with Caspar. Joe finally finished and walked into the bedroom with a pair of shorts on, no shirt and his snap back backwards. You smiled at him and he smiled back. 

“There is Joseph Sugg everyone!!” You said pointing your camera to Joe. 

“Alright babe,I’m going to start my vlog with Caspar and do the house tour.” He said slipping his shirt. 

“Okay baby. I’m talking to Joey and he said he wants me to help him do the same.” You said standing up. You fixed your shirt and pants kissed and hugged Jo, and hugged Caspar goodbye and walked to Joey’s room which was pretty far. So you just walked outside and walked across the the tennis court and threw his door. 

“Joey!” You said walking in vlogging again. 

“Hello my darling.” He said smiling and hugging you.

“Let me just change real quick and then we can start the vlog/house tour video.” He said smiling and walking to his closet and changing in there. While he did that you looked outside and saw Joe and Caspar out there. Caspar was sliding his way to the other side of the pool through the water. But then you saw Brittney come up to Joe. They started to talk and it seemed like she was flirting with him and he was kind of doing it back. But you didn’t jump to conclusion, you just brushed it off like nothing. Joey walked out and you guys started the video. 

*30 minutes later* 

You and Joey sat by the pool enjoying the weather. Joe was still on his house tour with Caspar so you waited by the pool for them. 

“So how are you and Joe?” He asked sitting up. 

“Great! Actually perfect. I’m so happy i get to be here. I loves pending time with him and you guys and i just have a feeling this weekend is going to be amazing.” You said smiling. 

“Aww I love hanging out with you to. We have to hang more though and do my videos.” He said smiling. You guys saw Tyler come by you guys.

“Hey babe.” He said smiling and sitting next you on your lawn chair. You guys sat there and talked and hand a good time. You felt someone grab you from behind. It made you jump but then noticed it was Joe. You smiled and he sat next to you. Caspar sat next to Joey and everyone hung out and talked. Joe laid back on the chair with his legs straddling the chair and you laid back on his chest. You felt tired. Your eyes suddenly shut and fell soundly asleep on his chest. 

You suddenly woke up to the sound of people jumping in the pool. You weren’t laying on Joe any more. He was jumping in the pool off the diving board. But with Brittney and it seemed as if they were flirting again. You watched and then noticed they were all drying off. Joe came over to notice you were awake. 

“Hey baby girl” He said sitting next you you. 

“Hey.” You said sitting up and stretching. 

“Brittney, Tyler, Joey, Oli, and I are all going to go to the mall and then dinner. Would you like to come?” He asked. 

“No I’m okay, I’ll probably just order food and probably go to sleep. I’m really tired.” You said to him, but lying about the reasoning you didn’t want to go. You didn’t want to go because of Brittney and wanted to see if he would back out and stay home with you instead of going out with friends. But of course he was still going to go. You got up and walked back to the room. 

“Y/N wait up!” You heard Caspar yell behind you. 

“Are you going with them?” You asked Caspar as he caught up to you. 

“No.I’m kind of pooped so I’m probably just going to stay here and play video games and hangout. Are you?” He asked. You nodded your head no and walked into the kitchen. You grabbed a snack and walked back to your room with Caspar. 

“Are you okay?” He asked walking side by side. 

“Yeah I’m fine.” You said looking up at Caspar with a fake smile. 

“Alright well want to do a that collab with me after your done doing whatever you gotta do? or at  least come up with an idea?” He asked before walking into his room. 

“Yeah let me just finish editing my vlog from yesterday to upload.” You said smiling and walking into your room. You opened up your laptop and your lock screen was photo of Joe, Caspar, Oli, Zoe, Alfie, Louis, Louise,Troye, Marcus, Tanya, Jim, Dan, Phil, and yourself from the last time that they all came out to L.A. Then your home screen photo was you and Joe from playlist. You smiled at it and finished up your editing and uploaded it. 

“Alright Cas I’m finished!” You yelled to him. 

“Alright just come here whenever your ready!!” he yelled back. You stood, grabbed your phone and walked into his room. He laid in his bed shirtless with his laptop in his lap. You climbed into the bed next to him under the covers and laid next to him and laying your head on the pillow. 

“So what were you thinking of doing?” He asked you. 

“Well on my channel we can do maybe a ship Q&A?” You suggested. 

“like that that’s fine with me. And i was thinking for mine the Yoga challenge?” He asked. You laughed because you’ve seen him do that one with Alfie and thought it was the funniest.

“That’s perfectly fine with me. But not tonight right?”You asked. 

“No, Its to late and i bet your just as tired as I am.” He said looking down at you. 

“I’m not really tired. Just tired to the point where all I want to do is lay in bed on twitter and tumblr.” You said laughing. 

“I’m going to change into my PJ’s and grab my laptop” You said getting out of his bed. He shook his head okay and out walked into your room. You stripped talking off everything but your panties grabbed one of Joe’s t-shirts and putting a pair of your sleeping shorts on, then grabbed you vlog camera and your laptop and walking back to Caspar’s room and climbing into his bed. 

“Alright I’m going to ask Twitter to send questions for us. Then look for yoga positions.” You told him. 

“Sweet” He said while he was posting and replying to twitter comments. You posted it on twitter and already had questions piling in. You exited out of that and then went and looked at yoga positions. You and Caspar laughed at some and cringed at some. You picked some hard looking ones and easy looking ones. You kept looking at your phone because Joe and everyone left ages ago. 

“Are you okay?” He asked. “Yeah I’m fine.” You said once again. 

“Y/N I’ve known you for about 4 years now? Whether it be on Skype, the phone, texting and in person, I know when you aren’t feeling well. I knew you weren’t feeling well earlier either. So tell me now what is wrong.” He said moving you face to face with him. You were kind of shocked that he just said that because he has never spoken to you like that. So you just gave in and told him. 

“So earlier when i was with Joey doing his House tour vlog, I was waiting for him to get ready and I noticed Joe and Brittney by the pool while Joe and Caspar were doing Joe’s house tour vlog talking and it seemed like they were flirting, but i ignored and didn’t think anything of it.Then when I fell asleep by the pool and when I woke up you guys were having the dive off. I saw Joe kind of flirting with each other, kind of got to me, and when he asked if I wanted to go with them to dinner and the mall I said no because I really didn’t want to be around Brittney and him seeing that. But now I’m kind of regretting it because they have been gone for a long time and scared he did something. But I trust him that’s why I don’t want to make a big deal about it.” You explained to him. 

“Well darling I don’t know anything about that he has never said anything about her to me. He talks about 24/7.” He said to you. You smiled and hugged him. 

“I just hope he gets back soon.” You said getting back into your position in the bed. 

“well until then want to order some pizza and movies?” He asked. 

“Of course!” You said. You order the pizza. Once it got there Caspar went and got it and you set up the laptop with a movie. He brought it back in the room and got back in the bed. You guys ate and watched the move but within about 30 minutes you fell asleep. 

*Caspar’s POV*

 It was 1:30 a.m. Y/N was asleep in my bed and Joe was still not back. I feel bad for Y/N because I know how much she loves Joe. I really hope he isn’t doing anything bad to her. She is like a little sister to me and I will protect from anything I can. Especially from my best friend hurting her. I laid in bed next to her as she slept quietly. I heard them come into the house and walk down the hallway. I shut the light off in my room and closed Y/N laptop. I’m going to let her sleep in my room because I know that Joe is drunk and here is no way he can get her in there. I walked out of the room and saw him hanging all over Brittney. They were going the complete wrong way. They were going towards Brittney’s room. I was not going to let him fuck up like that. 

“Joe! JOE!” I yelled walking towards them. 

“Don’t you dare turn into that room.” I said as he was about to turn into her room.  I walked over to him and grabbed him by his arm. But yanked away from me. 

“Do you really want to fuck it up with Y/N Joe!?” I yelled at him as he started to walk back to Brittney. 

“Shut up Caspar I’m going to do what I want!” He yelled back to me then started to walk back to her again. 

“Well if your going to do what you want then you can forget about me.” Y/N said walking very fast towards us and went straight to Joe and slapped him in the face. She ran down the hallway passed the rooms and around the corner. 

“Y/N!!’ Joe yelled. 

“Joe stop. I told you to stop or your going to fuck it up and look what you did.” I said stopping him. I ran to Y/N and I saw her sitting outside by the pool. I walked to her and sat next to her on the chair. We sat in silence for about 5 minutes. 

“I was really hoping that he wouldn’t do that. I was hoping that he wasn’t like every other guy I have been with. I know we are always about but when we are together I know he’s perfect for me. But at this moment  I don’t know anymore.” She said and started to tear up.I hugged her and rubbed her back. 

“Its okay darling, I know you guys will work this out. I know how much you guys love each other. He is drunk and didn’t know what he was doing. But you can sleep with me tonight because I know you probably don’t want to seep in the same bed wit him tonight.” I told her. She moved back and smiled at me. 

“Thank you Cas.” She said hugging me. We sat by the pool for about 10 to 15 minutes and talked. Then she i noticed he started to get tired so we went inside and she went to bed. 

“Good night Y/n.” I said before moving to my side and laying on my side. 

“Goodnight Casp.” She whispered.