spectreoffice said:


Trust Rob to somehow pick the questions which would end up being the longest to answer/debate-y!

T - 5 things I love unconditionally (i’ve answered this already, but will copy and paste it here again for all to see!)

  1. Swimming
  2. Chocolate
  3. Socialising
  4. Family and (dare I say it?) my best friends
  5. Photography opportunities

O - If I like my school
Well, seeing as i’m not exactly in school atm, i’ll answer that in reference to my sixth form Twyford, in which case, I don’t just like it, I loved it! It became a home for me, a place of comfort and fulfilling some of my passions. It was a fantastic place there, I am sad to have left after just 2 years.

K - What my full name is
Okay, there’s sort of debate around this….
Essentially i’ve grown up as Alice Kuzmenko and that’s the way it’s in my passport and has been in all my records, with it being Алиса Кузьменко (Alisa Kuzmenko with a Russian accent) in Russian, or if I were to be referred to in a Soviet type of way with the name of the father involved, it’d be Алиса Александравна (Alisa Alexandravna) (unsure of spelling, i’ve never spelt it, never been called that, not really old enough).
BUT about a few months ago, parents suddenly acknowledged that I was christened as Alice Alexandra Kuzmenko… but i’ve “discussed” it with parents and have told them that I refuse to take the sudden middle name as it’s entirely alien to me as a concept and when renewing my passport, i’ll be keeping it as Alice Kuzmenko