tanjoubi omedetou


“No one is born a genius.
Just keep doing what you like
and that itself is a talent.” ~ Ohno Satoshi

For the past 15 years as Arashi’s leader, the past 33 years as Ohno Satoshi, and many more in the coming years, thank you Riida for being the inspirational, talented genius that you are.


Late in linking this since I only remembered to watch this now but, 22 artists got together by making a compilation of 28 of Mafumafu’s covers to celebrate his birthday, which was yesterday in Japan (the 18th)!


tanjoui omedetou Sho-kun <3
shiawase ni narou yo!! <3
have fun on your special day and please continue to look over Arashi
dont overwork yourself, stay healthy and handsome..
thank you for being a part of my life for being an inspiration to strive harder on my studies and to strive on things that i like and i love not because people told me so but because i wanted it to be..
please inspire more people and love Arashi more than anyone who can love them except Arashi memebers itself lol
more loves, hugs and kisses for my dear Sho <3 <3 :*