OMG these two will kill me someday >//<

Recently I discovered the cutest webcomic ever! It’s the awesome Hotblood! (by Toryl Orlesky, check her art now seriously!). Asa and Rook are super cool and I love the development of their relationship (i tought i saw it coming… oh I’m so naïve), and then of course I had to draw fanart of one of the panels (this one)! 0v0

Thank you so much for creating it, you’re awesome! <3 sorry if they’re too much OOC >.<


sketches for a college animation project idea! 

reef fish mermaid likes reading books from shipwrecks but has a hard time seeing them in the dark. Cue sudden appearance of an Anglerfish mermaid who freaks her out but was really only trying to give her light to help her read.

then they sit and read together and become best buds, the end! :D

No Way to Live (2015)

An interracial teenage couple in the 1950’s devise a plan to steal money and escape the bigotry of the American south.

Directors:  Nick ChakwinDavid Guglielmo

Writers:  Nick ChakwinDavid Guglielmo

Stars:  Freya TingleyTimothy V. MurphyLarry Fessenden

Poster Designed by Robbergirl Productions

Clarity [KawoShin fic] Chapter 6: Order 66

A/N: I don’t own the song that appears in the chapter and I am not affiliated with the artists mentioned directly below. Please copy and paste the songs to youtube, they’re there. Look for links with the lyrics, as these are the best options. Thank you and I hope you enjoy, or are able to see how they relate to the events of this chapter.

Also, I just found out page breaks don’t show on mobile!? WTF!? I’m sorry about that! I don’t know how to fix that yet! D:

I HAVE TO THANK MY AWESOME FRIEND! Helped me with the chapter! ask-kawotrio !!! <3 Mucho love for you omgosh!!!!!

Recommended Listening 1: Skyharbor Illusion: Order 66 (the song Shinji sings)

Recommended Listening 2: Alone I Break - Korn (Shinji’s POV of the events Misato recalls)

Link on ff.net : https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10942671/1/Clarity 

Words: 4,501

Warnings: MAJOR violence, disturbing scenarios, and FEELS! Consider yourself warned.

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